Trenton Reese
Trenton Reese 4 timmar sedan
The results of this suspension upgrade are shocking!
Caleb Newman
Caleb Newman 6 timmar sedan
Six rotor would be perfect in a boat
vlad boss16
vlad boss16 6 timmar sedan
11:44 sound like v8
Jorge Ferreira
Jorge Ferreira 8 timmar sedan
Dude why are you using the sound of Fast Furious' skyline? 😂
MrTerduckin 8 timmar sedan
Do me a favor, Rob, and tighten up the rear shocks. I bet it’ll go faster. Truthfully you need a lot of compression to drive that radial into the ground and get the car to hook and a little more rebound to control the tire after the hit so you don’t hook and then spin the 60’. Squatting on a radial is for the slow kids; antisquat is the new wave.
Guy Conley
Guy Conley 10 timmar sedan
Nice upload, you have a new sub! Have you checked PromoSM? It’s the best way to promote your channel!!
Ramon Villa
Ramon Villa 11 timmar sedan
"you guys are gunna be shocked..." Lol pun not intended
QDOG 12 timmar sedan
I was wondering, is it possible to supercharge a rotary engine. I want to get an 80s rx7 in a few years and I don't like turbos. I've understood the amount of research you've done on your rx7 and I was wondering if you came across anything saying it could be done. Thank you in advance.
thisguy177 13 timmar sedan
Race Travis pastrana with that
Mucci学 13 timmar sedan
This ain’t a build without Isaiah
Josh Man
Josh Man 13 timmar sedan
Brushless "Where is my rotor?" secycle.info/lift/video/kHe5l7x3r9KHro8
Hyperstrike 14 timmar sedan
You need to support your exhaust a bit. It's waggling around out there, You'd think you just took a piss or something...
Pablo Rivas
Pablo Rivas 15 timmar sedan
Hes always happy.
Interesting View
Interesting View 20 timmar sedan
Some of you have never raced a Ferrari on a SEcycle show, on 5 year old tires, and it shows.
Cameron W
Cameron W 20 timmar sedan
Car that needs advanced suspension *Let's add shocks*
Grumpy Modeler
Grumpy Modeler 20 timmar sedan
When are you doing a 7-rotor RX-3?
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 21 timme sedan
Ls 💪
Mr.M 23 timmar sedan
In this episode, Rob pulls the rubber down to show us his shiny rod 18:52
kane2103 23 timmar sedan
Rod Dahm
Nicky Dag sedan
Let's all thanks keeps for Rob's lushious hair.😂
luffararne Dag sedan
People who think gripping better is enough to go back to Hoonigan are sorely mistaken I suspect, that's just a part of the equation. I know this sucks and people don't want to hear it at all but it is still the truth nevertheless, gear ratios are still a thing, but look at new cars and how much faster they are today, if you trying to control ludicrous amount of power yourself and do it manual style with a single clutch and everything you better be a pretty darn good driver, and still you will lose out on a lot of potential. Look at Golf R gen 8 for ex, seen many who think VW is lying and power levels are way, way above stated numbers, they are not! They are higher sure, not that much though, so how is a darn Golf able to do 0-100km/h repeatedly at 4 sec flat? It's the darn gears, so fast and gear ratios are perfect and you hit perfect peak torque at the next shift which again is way faster than any human could using dinosaur level single clutch. It makes cars fun, playful for sure, fast not so much. Any fast car with a single clutch is loosing out on potential and I did not like it for the longest time, just time to accept it. Even Rob doing sequential vs Hoonicorn looks a bit sluggish compared to mr Block hyper spacing through the movements, it does add up. Fix that and bite into the asphalts and you be a force to reckon with mr Dahm. Sorry, just my 2 cents.
Lachlan Gill
Lachlan Gill Dag sedan
Is that an AW11 I spot in the background 1:07
Stormy Dag sedan
wait did he say belle delphine?
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Dag sedan
Rob I gonna teach you about shocks. Rob have no clue what these parts are..oh rob...lmao
A L Reed & AL C
A L Reed & AL C Dag sedan
Please unload springs before cutting them in the future it will extend you're longevity!
shawn carter
shawn carter Dag sedan
Thats a lynx at least the mag is
NvTwist Dag sedan
Take some time off building and visit one of the performance driving schools.
NvTwist Dag sedan
It’s called body roll, set the dampers to give the right amount of roll to increase front tires contact patch when cornering. To stiff ya ride on the inside more & to soft ya ride the outside and that kills traction. There’s no magic math that’ll get it right it’ll get ya close then test test replace/revalue test test
Josh Man
Josh Man Dag sedan
They make mufflers like this, but if you buy one make sure you weld the rims because they tend to come loose!
Josh Man
Josh Man Dag sedan
Inside the mufflers would be something like this. drive.google.com/drive/u/2/my-drive
C L L Dag sedan
Doesn't appear he ever found the Chiller, which isn't the same as the Race Cooldown which circulates coolant and runs the fans, cooling the engine. The Chiller routes refrigerated air to the 'chiller unit', further cooling the intake air as it exits the supercharger. 'CHILLER' is in the SRT menu - he just didn't search enough.
MrTo YouBoy
MrTo YouBoy Dag sedan
what an annoying fucking car
NvTwist Dag sedan
OMG the front brakes, get on it before doing anything else.
zackykinzz Wombatt
zackykinzz Wombatt Dag sedan
Tires and shifter pleaaasseee broooo
zackykinzz Wombatt
zackykinzz Wombatt Dag sedan
Please please please get a longer shifter
White Man
White Man Dag sedan
He pulled a Ricky a just locked them tires up.
GingerSquatch Dag sedan
.... The 4 rotor sounds like a really pissed off F1 engine!!!!
Not Zak Alexander
Not Zak Alexander Dag sedan
Glad to see the progress and making it more controllable! Keeping plugging away and it'll be killing ferraris here before too long
Dell_alpha12 Dag sedan
Its like scientist disecting and animal
lr 21
lr 21 Dag sedan
Neeboopsh Dag sedan
pre-load, extra load. getting me horned up there, rob.
Neeboopsh Dag sedan
that dudes hair is rad
Mekanic Dag sedan
8:37 The starter motor for the old skylines can be found in the Nissan forklifts 🤣
hArDsTyLe2259 Dag sedan
8:16 Duck noises xD
John Smith
John Smith Dag sedan
Rob you know nothing of male pattern baldness
Fencingboy101 Dag sedan
i like how rob still tries to keep it relatively low budget. or at least as low budget as you can be with a custom machined 4 rotor and a lambo lol
Олег Dag sedan
Ахахах ,олени))))Даже на эстакаду ровно заехать не смог)
Cletus Kasady
Cletus Kasady Dag sedan
I thought your 4 rotor race against Ken was the best in the series. It breaks my heart when you get beaten by a million dollar ride. I think it's a given now, nobody is winning against AWD, and that Hoonicorn had meth going for it. More power, less weight. I think you can beat Ken and Travis. Just gotta imitate a bit.
mac Dag sedan
Finally got around to watching the video and the ending may be what pushes me to the next step in my life goals. Mad respect Rob
Craig Brashaw
Craig Brashaw Dag sedan
That whole preload thing is a waste of time. The shock length, spring rate and available travel distance is still the same, all you've done is get the same coilover expect this one is under load like a usual shock and spring...
Matthew Stoltz
Matthew Stoltz Dag sedan
Where is the 4 rotors engine?
John Miller
John Miller Dag sedan
Where's the engine in the 4 rotor? 👀
Budro Hammbone'
Budro Hammbone' Dag sedan
Who'da thunk it ?
Big 'ol Booty Cheeks
Big 'ol Booty Cheeks Dag sedan
Flat spotting tires and chewing up the front bumper. Lol
J B Dag sedan
Can't watch, the audio level is too low can't hear what the other guy is saying.
MMORPG87 Dag sedan
seems to still need some distance in the squat . im certainly no expert but seeing the slow mo the car starts squatting then u can see it bottom out and stay there. hit up Vargas and see how they got so much travel on the black car.. that thing moves like a whole foot
Eric Stillwagon
Eric Stillwagon Dag sedan
I was hoping Rob would explain the role that the Peanut Better @20:47 plays is the suspension setup. I guess it's an insider secret. Great Video, as always, Rob!
Gianni Barnea II
Gianni Barnea II Dag sedan
You might need a tire sponsor, just saying lmao. But 👏🏽
Cortnie Smith
Cortnie Smith Dag sedan
0:24 yknow that sound when you get some rust on your brakes
GordoWG1 WG1
GordoWG1 WG1 2 dagar sedan
11:52 - What? No "shocker" comment? I feel kinda sory for the poor folks who supplied those damper assemblies - some adult supervision would certainly have been adventageous from both a safety and set-up viewpoint. For example, while the 'pre-load' method used would be common for a single screw adjuster assembly, it's completely failing to take advantage of the dual thread adjuster damper type you have - adjust the spring perch to give, say, 5mm or preload to keep the spring in place, and adjust the bottom threaded adjuster where it screws into the lower section to adjust the ride height. That way you get the full travel possible and much better compliance, while having the desired ride height.
cody nelson
cody nelson 2 dagar sedan
There is some magical stuff called stripper glitter. It's a traction compound we use on the streets. Your shit will dead hook. Try it.
cody nelson
cody nelson 2 dagar sedan
Sold by the gallon.
Noob Driver
Noob Driver 2 dagar sedan
Finally the car dialed in..
dgalcaide 2 dagar sedan
0:22 i need someone swapping the rotary sound with his laugh
Nivlac57 2 dagar sedan
With a radial tire you should be trying to get the rear wheel to separate from the body during a launch. This will cause the acceleration of the vehicle to drive the tire into the ground and allow you to get better traction. Squatting while better than a bound up suspension, is not what you want. The only way to accomplish this is to adjust the suspension geometry in the rear. Need to get your instant center higher.
Patrick Houchins
Patrick Houchins 2 dagar sedan
Hey how many rotors does that rx7 have?
Jose maria Gil campello
Jose maria Gil campello 2 dagar sedan
Damon Reed
Damon Reed 2 dagar sedan
Getting a bit long on the top there Rob. Surely the next mod is a haircut
Rn0x 2 dagar sedan
Going to 1 mil soon Lessgooo
Scotties 2 dagar sedan
Need some Hoosiers
Lyndon Rich
Lyndon Rich 2 dagar sedan
Rob. My man. HOW did you ever drive a vehicle with suspension like this. This has been long overdue😂
thisguy177 2 dagar sedan
Don't forget the transmission and the gear changes. That Ferrari has a sick quick changing tranny. Goodluck Rob and keep tinkering with it. Tell them your gonna come back when it's done being fine tuned and whoop that Ferrari for us! Built not bought.👍👍👍👍
Matt G
Matt G 2 dagar sedan
Never ending story Ahahah ahahah ahahah... Never ending story Ahahah ahahah ahahah... Never ending story Ahahah ahahah ahahah...
Ed Ayala
Ed Ayala 2 dagar sedan
Manifold tease
thisguy177 2 dagar sedan
Yeah give boost gradually. But I think you should go wider maybe wide body? Get some serious rubber. If there is a way to make the shifts in the transmission faster and smoother then it won't break loose every gear change. Keep working Rob we love the excitement and thrill of it. I'm not complaining. I respect the hustle 100 pct. I enjoy watching your car progress. One day your gonna come back and whoop them hoonigan boys. Just wait brother.👍👍👍😎
thisguy177 2 dagar sedan
This isn't even a debate man. Built not bought. This man put all his blood sweat tears into his cars. He's always all smiles. Never complained maybe about oil in his hair but really not. Lol Rob your an inspiration man. Good job and many thanks again. Stay true brother.👍😎😎😎
Brody Perkins
Brody Perkins 2 dagar sedan
Please Rob just buy some new tires😭
LF Productions
LF Productions 2 dagar sedan
Glad sponsors are finally hopping on.. things are about to get spicyy
Milo 8
Milo 8 2 dagar sedan
I actually love robs personality 😂
tofuboye 2 dagar sedan
My next tattoo: "It's not being cheap, It's where i came from." - Robert Dahmino
E R 2 dagar sedan
Jeez man. I'm no pro but wtf with your wiring job? You military spliced the remote like that?