After the Hoonicorn Race. Finishing all my Projects! 6 Rotor, 4 Rotor C8, and 3 Rotor Update!

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Rob Dahm

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Devon Muecke
Devon Muecke 16 dagar sedan
If you're going to build your own, why not make your own Liquid Piston rotary? If there's any drawback i've noticed on a standard wankel is the compression leak that occurs when an apex seal passes the spark plug holes on the housings causing those compressed gasses to leak into the next volume. Which higher rpms might mitigate that leak some, but it's still there... Whereas the liquid piston negates that entirely. Switch it up rob! Put the peanut inside the dorrito and see where it could take this channel man!
Logan Georgianni
Logan Georgianni 2 månader sedan
Can't wait to see the 6 rotor Lambo 🤤
Adrian Graham
Adrian Graham 2 månader sedan
7:19 Yes officer, this idea right here. A Lamborghini hate crime
#PUGLIFE VLOGS 4 månader sedan
RIP Lamborghini but man that'd be cool
Aaron D
Aaron D 4 månader sedan
You still have the Diablo from when you lived here in MI? Awesome!
Legma 4 månader sedan
Wait, so he wants to build his own frickin rotary engine?! That's insane! Can't wait to see more
Mark Cheverie
Mark Cheverie 4 månader sedan
Honestly I'd leave the Lambo stock, and proceed to amass the rotary club of cars around it. Once you've perfected everything then come back to the lambo.
Jeremy William
Jeremy William 4 månader sedan
can i have ur v12 thx
Will R
Will R 4 månader sedan
Mark Butler
Mark Butler 4 månader sedan
This guy deserves so much respect. ingenuity at it's finest!
foxpon105 4 månader sedan
Rob, if you EVER get the Rotary engine fabrication going, I'd love some RX8 parts. RX 7 are prohibitively expensive and emissions are going to make them a pain to operate (at least in Europe) RX 8 are still relatively easy to acquire and I think they deserve some love as they'll likely be the last rotary car ever made by mazda.
Joe Chaput
Joe Chaput 4 månader sedan
Rob's going to make a rotary tuning book shaped like a triangle
Life in Washington
Life in Washington 5 månader sedan
I first learned about your channel from Tavarish when he bought on of your old super cars about a year or 2 ago.
MadLad_Don23 5 månader sedan
yes!!!!.... YES!!!.... 6 ROTOR LAMBO!!!!!!!!!
Leon Schoen
Leon Schoen 5 månader sedan
You said you would not do it in the 6 Rotor unboxing 32.34 in to the reveal video of the 6 rotor! I am just here to remind your´s self about that fact! I AM JUST A RIMINDER!
Amrish Seunarain
Amrish Seunarain 5 månader sedan
Great channel. You receive my first ever notification request. Keep it up.
Delta Charlie Echo
Delta Charlie Echo 5 månader sedan
God damn, I wish I had as much money as you. I'm struggling to get a turbo e46 done "right" and you're here with a lamorghini, a 6 rotor corvette, a 4 rotor RX7, and another couple 3 and 4 rotor engines probably sitting in your shop as well as shop hands and god knows how much in tools. Don't worry Rob, I may be so far behind you that you don't even know who I am, but I'll catch up to you someday; someday soon. All I can say is don't look in your rearview, because when you do, that's when I'll be passing you. -Delta.
DailyElectrician 5 månader sedan
that bombshell at the LAST second, DEEEEM!
TicoDK 5 månader sedan
"W12" Rotor Lambo incoming...
94JAVS 5 månader sedan
are you releasing any of the videos you talk about?
Steven Knoetze
Steven Knoetze 5 månader sedan
Talk about a "drop mike" ending.............
Holzwurm _HD
Holzwurm _HD 5 månader sedan
Lol, Rob is such a crazy guy. ... In a good way, dont get me wrong. I love this guy for doing what he does. Such a unique spirit.
David Z
David Z 5 månader sedan
Rob Dahm is just one of those people where you’re like, “Dang, he’s smart” lol
Tips 4 truckers
Tips 4 truckers 5 månader sedan
You should do a 1 rotor motorcycle
tyler238 5 månader sedan
Damn you talk with your hands more than a news reporter lol... relax
vettelover2009 5 månader sedan
Hellephant T shirt....hmmmm
wabash9000 5 månader sedan
If you are making your own housings, I'm interested in how the billet holds up. I know they have a chrome finish on the stock units. I'd like to see how it would work with aluminum, but I'd also like to see how well it would work with a ceramic layer. I've seen lots of theory about ceramic pistons having lower friction and less ware, I've thought for a while it would be interesting to have everything in a rotary ceramic coated.
Alister Robbie
Alister Robbie 5 månader sedan
Happy new year bloke. Looking forward to the evolution of the channel next year.
DaftFader 5 månader sedan
And it's at this moment he knew he fucked up!
Jay Grows
Jay Grows 5 månader sedan
6 Rotor Lambo? Now that's a cliff hanger.....🤯
Matthias Roels
Matthias Roels 5 månader sedan
One day Rob will get a call from Mazda, asking him for help.
Kris White
Kris White 5 månader sedan
Roman SLantar
Roman SLantar 5 månader sedan
if he puts a 6 rotor into the Diablo, It'll be amazing. V12 is cool and all, but c'mon, It's a turbo 6Rotor
Hal Price
Hal Price 5 månader sedan
I hope we get some CNC machining content.
The Lama Drama
The Lama Drama 6 månader sedan
do a 6.2 ls giveaway
Monster Pud
Monster Pud 6 månader sedan
I’m so excited to see where the Chanel goes. I’ve been here since before you wrecked the 3 rotor on slicks in the rain 😂
jylp4u 6 månader sedan
I actually remember the video you made about that nameless shipping company lol. Feels like yesterday to me. But if you rotary swap a Diablo I'm going to unsubscribe... So I can subscribe all over again lol.
Kester 135
Kester 135 6 månader sedan
ROB DONT YOU DARE, somethings are sacred and I know that hasnt stopped you before but please I beg you do not rotary swap the diablo, the v12 is the defining charecteristic of the diablo you cant change that
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 6 månader sedan
Boring and no one cares.
Kyle Dunton
Kyle Dunton 6 månader sedan
The OG remember the channel when he shoved carrots through the turbo on the 4 rotor when it was a 2 rotor
nelson Rodriguez
nelson Rodriguez 6 månader sedan
Tiwn turbo instead 🙏🏽
nelson Rodriguez
nelson Rodriguez 6 månader sedan
Please don’t not the v12 😔😫😫
Darius 6 månader sedan
Chase Derouin
Chase Derouin 6 månader sedan
Is there anything such as a 12 rotor and can it fit in the lambo?🤔
Chris Gay
Chris Gay 6 månader sedan
So.. Rob's converting a 2001 Lambo Diablo VT into a boosted 6 rotor... 🤣 love it!
MrDengo999 6 månader sedan
Please don't ruin the Diablo by putting a 6 rotor in it. Thanks. If and when you run out of funds sell it and fund the other rotaries.
Full Metal Tuna
Full Metal Tuna 6 månader sedan
If he puts a 6 Rotor in the Lambo. I will unsubscribe. But i'll still watch
Emmitt Peniston
Emmitt Peniston 6 månader sedan
Oh plz make Rotary Engines my dream car is a rx-Fd
I got depression
I got depression 6 månader sedan
Does Rob still have his CTS V?
Niclas Horn
Niclas Horn 6 månader sedan
I would rather see you get more time behind the wheel with the car, and produce faster runs.
Yuhkeesh Rajasekaran
Yuhkeesh Rajasekaran 6 månader sedan
This has the best ending ever
NocturnalSergal 6 månader sedan
turbo 6-rotor AWD in a Lambo????? STOP Rob I can only get so hard!
Joseph Zenith
Joseph Zenith 6 månader sedan
Wonder if someone could make a Rotary logo to replace his Hellephant shirt? Unless one is alrdy available? Keep up the good work!
Jim Daniel
Jim Daniel 6 månader sedan
Great plans! I will be watching!!
Michael Navas
Michael Navas 6 månader sedan
He better not ruin that lambo lol
Luis/Tito Martinez
Luis/Tito Martinez 6 månader sedan
That was an abrupt ending
xLi41 6 månader sedan
6 rotor 4 turbo?
Raees Mohammed
Raees Mohammed 6 månader sedan
i was the 12,000 th like
And It's Gone Trading
And It's Gone Trading 6 månader sedan
6 rotor here.
Car Mods Garage
Car Mods Garage 6 månader sedan
That race was awesome man. I keep seen your parts flying away and thinking about my projects lol. Good job though this thing rips!
Upnorth2000 6 månader sedan
God damn it robs single rotor swapping the insight. Calling it now.
Romet Talkis
Romet Talkis 6 månader sedan
Stop and think for a second.. Mazda mx5 Turbo 2 rotor. Ultimate trackweapon
The Animal
The Animal 6 månader sedan
Give your worker a kneeling Pad !!! Protect the knees
The Animal
The Animal 6 månader sedan
Pac performace Billet and rotor housings !!!!
Marcus Parrish
Marcus Parrish 6 månader sedan
Can you imagine how the current race/tuner world would be revamped if he got the 6 rotor to beat thr Hoonicorn?!
Johnathan 6 månader sedan
Ig I'm og fuck you
jeeplivion 6 månader sedan
My guess on the future of the C8. It'll get rebuilt to perfection, but instead of the rotary swap it will get flipped because it's 2020 and someone may offer obscene money for a rebuilt C8
Jose Rolon
Jose Rolon 6 månader sedan
Six rotor lambo 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Jose Rolon
Jose Rolon 6 månader sedan
You are like a rotary crazy scientist respect bro
Les Richardson
Les Richardson 6 månader sedan
Please, for the love of God Almighty, DON'T SWAP THE LAMBO! You'll have EVERYONE pissed at you for that! Why don't you do that to a Mustang and really show Ken how to build a car?
thiago lopes
thiago lopes 6 månader sedan
he said that he would put the 6 rotor in a diablo, but he didn't said what one, i doubt that he is gonna mess with this lambo of his
slim benny
slim benny 6 månader sedan
You would not! Would he? Is he? Can he? Yes he's that crazy and mi love it!!!
Jdubbsvt 85
Jdubbsvt 85 6 månader sedan
6 rotor won't ( I really hope you do :))
SanderJDM 6 månader sedan
What a way to end the video!
Felipe Mendoza
Felipe Mendoza 6 månader sedan
Dahm back at it with the cliffhanger!! I love it
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard 6 månader sedan
Mazda should send you the blueprints to the rotary engine and everything they have tested on it
V Nitrofrey
V Nitrofrey 6 månader sedan
So basically, you're gonna put the 6 rotor into a V12 car, that isn't the diablo, because from previous videos i know you like it the way it is? I mean, im down, not like it really matters, but im down.
Grady Moxley
Grady Moxley 6 månader sedan
wait theres a GONNA BE A 6 ROTOR???
gavin P
gavin P 6 månader sedan
I was remembering you had overheating problems, and the one thing my Z06 always did with the LS6 was naturally run really hot. That cooling issue should be a fun issue to solve.
Norman Guzman
Norman Guzman 6 månader sedan
How about a 20B made on a bigger size scale. So instead of going longer with more rotors, go bigger with just 3 rotors.
chris nunez
chris nunez 6 månader sedan
Also. I have a friend. He is kind of a big deal and a mad scientist. I think you 2 should collaborate. His name is Elon musk. I will tell him to call you.
Erick Soto
Erick Soto 6 månader sedan
jawdropping clifhanger
chris nunez
chris nunez 6 månader sedan
Didn’t watch the ken block vid yet. But yes I did in fact say “ oh my god rob did what he said he was going to do “.
Krums Korner
Krums Korner 6 månader sedan
Do something worth watching/listening to Build a Funco Gen4 sandcar with a Ferrari 355 engine. Underpowered sure, but the sound 😍😍😍
Birger Gillent
Birger Gillent 6 månader sedan
buth rotor is so unrealibel those segments tier to quick down
Frank Lichaa
Frank Lichaa 6 månader sedan
1:16 recked rx7 just chilling with a dented roof no back glass and no hood and fenders
World Peace
World Peace 6 månader sedan
At this point, Mazda should sponsor him!
Coron 19
Coron 19 6 månader sedan
In 2030 Rob Dahm will create V12 Rotary engine.
Tor Farrell
Tor Farrell 6 månader sedan
ogs remember Nissan gtr bikini run
Mainfold 6 månader sedan
inb4 the next build is an NA 8-rotor
mental gloom
mental gloom 6 månader sedan
the end of the vid is perfect
Minh Đức Hà
Minh Đức Hà 6 månader sedan
Six rotors, turbocharged, awd lambo? Ken better watch out😂
Minh Đức Hà
Minh Đức Hà 6 månader sedan
Dude literaly put rotary in everything=)))
Sully 6 månader sedan
Been here since 37k, and I gotta say it’s been a hell of a journey.
The Literal Sky
The Literal Sky 6 månader sedan
Question, because 5:12 pretty much makes this fitting. In reciprocating piston engines 5 (and 10) cylinder engines are iconic for their sound stemming from the unique firing timing. Think Formula 1 V10 or the Audi Quattro S1E2 Inline 5 from the mid 80s rally. They have their challenges, too, which makes them rare. But they exist. I feel like it would be much easier to build a five rotor engine than a five piston engine. And since rotaries usually rev higher, if the firing timing is taken from the five piston engine, wouldn't we be able to have those extraordinarily pretty noises coming from rotaries as well? What are things that immediately speak against it outside of "well building four or six rotors is just easier". My question is because you can see so many different rotary configurations all over the web, but never multiples of 5. And sure, they all sound super amazing, but imagine the legendary Mazda 787B, which already sounds like a 2010 V8 F1 car in fly-by, had one rotor more. I can imagine it'd sound like an homage to those iconic early 2000s V10 F1 cars. I just feel like it's an overlooked opportunity, and I'm just asking myself whether there is some super obvious impossibility why someone wouldn't take on this challenge and build one.
Malcolm X
Malcolm X 6 månader sedan
I wish you'd done a five. That would sound amazing for sure.
MrGarycoww 6 månader sedan
Keep up the great work Rob,rotary sounds are like f1 for thd road love it! 🤩
Faizan Raja
Faizan Raja 6 månader sedan
Is this means that in future you can built 6 rotors lambo 😯😯 ??
Janne Kokko
Janne Kokko 6 månader sedan
6 rotor lambo, wow.
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 6 månader sedan
I understand nothing that is talked about on this channel. I just liked the guys rx7. Now I watch because I enjoy the content, but I still am lost 90% of the time. Anyone else? 😂
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