Almost blew up the 3 rotor on the dyno. Learned alot using used parts.

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Rob Dahm

2 månader sedan

The next video we max out the turbo on the dyno. I just want to share the real challenges of using used parts on a performance build. its making me a better builder and tuner.

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Leroy M
Leroy M 9 dagar sedan
Jus got to say man all u seem to do is go round in circles maybe this is why u love rotaries. All you do is talk and seem to spin spanners on these videos do you not like actual driving of these cars, how bout some actual action instead of 1st and little bit of second down ur little alley. You have this massive turbo but never use it what's with this. Cant you at least do some street driving and drive to some street events or some thing similar instead of talking all the time the odd crap dyno run and mayb a crap 1st and bit of second in your alley
Kol Son
Kol Son 2 månader sedan
6:29 is Isiah playing chess in a time like this?
Denny Balance
Denny Balance 2 månader sedan
Isaac is a monster bro just sittin there playin chess like that was a little insight to it
James Dupuch
James Dupuch 2 månader sedan
You need a tj hunt Freddy
Ron Hammar
Ron Hammar 2 månader sedan
Blue Screen Gaming.
Blue Screen Gaming. 2 månader sedan
There Is still a hole in insulation from last time lol
Mike St. Charles
Mike St. Charles 2 månader sedan
funny how he has all of this money to put in his cars and still uses a shitty uhaul trailer lmao
Colin Gouveia
Colin Gouveia 2 månader sedan
When are you gonna rematch with the hoonicorn?
Giovanni 2 månader sedan
I thought it sounded good before but the exhaust sounds so crisp now
aurora2319 2 månader sedan
ICE cars are dinosaurs going to extension, especially when you see the latest Kia EV6 GT trashing all super cars on a drag race. Still, nothing beats the noise, roughness and rawness if a ICE So yes ICE cars and becoming an endangered species but they'll never go instinct
Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia 2 månader sedan
No oil while on the dyno? Bro we have allll been there before.
Luke Lovelady
Luke Lovelady 2 månader sedan
What’s going on with the c8?
oldstyle analog
oldstyle analog 2 månader sedan
i made great success with used JUNK parts.And balanced rotating assembly..Although i used a 2 rotor.bridge.With a ton of nitrous.Maybe u dont know how to do math or use a micrometer.I seen this cat every were.Specially with Flaco.Jeff mc Call down in gardena will build u a proper engine.Ive done 1.427 60 foot at the track.with a junk stock rear up the rotary thing
CROCODILE NIPPON 2 månader sedan
Keren ngeberebet
Crispy 2 månader sedan
Wear hearing protection.
I Garasjen
I Garasjen 2 månader sedan
Don't you ever start in first gear on any of your cars?
Edzinator 2 månader sedan
any thought on EGT's?
Goultek 2 månader sedan
You always have leaks, leaks, Leaks, LEAKS, always and then some more, for god sake, do somethinng
Brado Potato
Brado Potato 2 månader sedan
imagine 4-rotor swapping your Ram, gotta get that rotary life
PILIPINAS KING OF DRAG 2 månader sedan
does anyone know whats the title of the bgm
Entt 2 månader sedan
MOOORE CONTENT PLZ. I dont care if its cleaning a shelf lol.
Ben Sweigard
Ben Sweigard 2 månader sedan
Yall wanna start a go fund me for Rob to get a dyno
out_of_service 2 månader sedan
Well done, for such a project and power definitely needs all of it. Are you gonna have oil level sensor, oil pressure sensor and oil temperature sensor?. Those are which will indicate on right time if something is wrong and save engine.
arlen gt
arlen gt 2 månader sedan
You should take the 3 rotor to a 2 step battle when it's finished.
reifukaiyukikaze 2 månader sedan
Back to the Robs meme...... Where's the four rotor Rob 😂
Tommy J
Tommy J 2 månader sedan
Would it be a Rob Dahm episode if something didn't break so he had a video with some sort of content?
Ilan Moore
Ilan Moore 2 månader sedan
ah yes 850 hp, easily streetable
Marcel B
Marcel B 2 månader sedan
"Would be crazy to have an open wheel rotary car that would ne realy wild" -- me thinking about the 4 rotor nearly beeing open wheel (at least was)
Bob Hob
Bob Hob 2 månader sedan
make a video on the rpm act
ImAnActualPotato 2 månader sedan
i love the 5-Zigen wheels bro
Asention 2 månader sedan
With that CNC you can make your own parts.
Xploration 2 månader sedan
Monkey Base
Monkey Base 2 månader sedan
You're a legend in the making!
Dylan Zrim
Dylan Zrim 2 månader sedan
My bumhole after burrito night. 6:00
Pratyaksh Saini
Pratyaksh Saini 2 månader sedan
Thiiicccckkkkk booosstt 😅🔥
epoxeclipse 2 månader sedan
Some day I want to drive my fc and go cruising with rob and his rx7. Some people have different dreams.
Reuben Morris
Reuben Morris 2 månader sedan
Yeah...f^(k most used parts that can't be machined back to "correct." Just spells stacking tolerances to me...
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 2 månader sedan
Sounds like it's trying real hard just to take off
santos castillo
santos castillo 2 månader sedan
Should have a better connection with the Vargas bothers to learn more. But respects to you
Alec J
Alec J 2 månader sedan
Dagnabbit, thank you Rob for all of this.
Jesse Apodaca
Jesse Apodaca 2 månader sedan
Liked this one alot! Rob do you sell Tshirts and hats with the RX7 promo???
gitSIC 2 månader sedan
Using my oracle senses, I sense this car going on a "drag week" when its ready. At least I hope it does because it would be a great time.
Racerx 2 månader sedan
Keep it up Rob. Making rotaries great again!
PerMatro S
PerMatro S 2 månader sedan
Daniel Rivers
Daniel Rivers 2 månader sedan
Amazing! You blew it up! LOL Any further questions! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!
Dieter Manero
Dieter Manero 2 månader sedan
you should get your hands on a mustang dyno for the shop.
Boosted Cycle Performance
Boosted Cycle Performance 2 månader sedan
7:54 you can see the blow off valve start to spin. Tighten up the clamp!
free juice
free juice 2 månader sedan
stop aiming so high lol
SilverSeeker1 2 månader sedan
Wtf!! Who takes a car to the dyno with no oil
charlest7092 2 månader sedan
Just like make a new skirt for that pan and cut the old one off.
spysnipers 2 månader sedan
We need to see rob make this into a drift car
Leslie Singh
Leslie Singh 2 månader sedan
Dham! That's a nice FC
Mike Nguyen
Mike Nguyen 2 månader sedan
Trash videos lately.
Craig Barrett
Craig Barrett 2 månader sedan
Is the EPA coming for you too????🤣
Lordcroak 2 månader sedan
Rob have you ever been to the dyno without "almost blowing it up" ??
Cesar Trejo
Cesar Trejo 2 månader sedan
RIP 4Rotor
old dudE BiCyclINg
old dudE BiCyclINg 2 månader sedan
can't wait for the next dyno.Thanks for the vid.
pack money
pack money 2 månader sedan
Rob what a thumbnail man I don't know about you sometimes🤣🤣
seth ormeroid
seth ormeroid 2 månader sedan
Hey Dahm, I need some help trying to figure out how I can adjust my ignition timing on my standalone. How do you configure the base ignition numbers and is it just knock detection from there forward?
Tayshin Campbell
Tayshin Campbell 2 månader sedan
Next Dino sesh go all the way to that rpm limit Let her sign
Hernan Arellano
Hernan Arellano 2 månader sedan
What ever happened to Abel have not seen him for a long time?
Steven Plaskett
Steven Plaskett 2 månader sedan
I like the fast and furious hose hanging below the car 🤣
Karol Hodurek
Karol Hodurek 2 månader sedan
i love how he just plays chess in front of a dyno....
Blux 2 månader sedan
6:45 youtube subtitles: [music] They know whats good
Jevan HoffMan
Jevan HoffMan 2 månader sedan
wow amazing
Jevan HoffMan
Jevan HoffMan 2 månader sedan
going to buy a 1979ex
J.R. Beumel
J.R. Beumel 2 månader sedan
0:08 That sounded like a damn cannon going off. Bet you scared the shit out of the dead.
Brady Allen
Brady Allen 2 månader sedan
I love that he has all the expensive parts and an awd 4 rotor but doesn’t have his own trailer 😂
enok82 2 månader sedan
I've got some videography tips for you. Unless you start filming or releasing in 60fps, please refrain from doing the slow sweeping camera shots. It hurts my eyes looking at this with all those jagged frames!
Faterial 2 månader sedan
In the daylight for the first time so the exposure is all fucked lol. that or my monitor is garbage
Kende Simon
Kende Simon 2 månader sedan
Rob pls make a billet oil pan , its holding you back.
Rafael Fuentes
Rafael Fuentes 2 månader sedan
Which model fueltech are you using?
PoMan_911 2 månader sedan
Hah! you finally took my advice (and I'm sure thousands of others) to move over to the Sony for the Auto Focus. I got sick of watching your non-functioning Panasonic GH5 autofocus since last year til now!
L W 2 månader sedan
I’m not a rotary fan because there is never any content of them doing anything cool cause they are always broke
ziz nator
ziz nator 2 månader sedan
might be a dumb question but... why not just remake the oil pan if it's all hamburger'd? seems like it would easy enough to figure out what the bolt hole pattern is and just fab a new flat lip for it and weld it onto the tub. just split it along the fillet of the old flange.
DylanSN95 2 månader sedan
It would be cool to see the 3 rotor vs. Mike Vargas’s 3 rotor
Devin Hutman
Devin Hutman 2 månader sedan
Sounds like a nasty cam😂
Kimbo S
Kimbo S 2 månader sedan
I'd say go 6 rotor on the c8
Tabletop Theory
Tabletop Theory 2 månader sedan
On the next episode: Rob buys a Dyno.
Michi-player1 2 månader sedan
I want a rx7 so bad 😍
Kody Stclait
Kody Stclait 2 månader sedan
Damn that was a nice backfire even shook the turbo
atw9913 2 månader sedan
Open Wheel Rotary Car = Formula Mazda. Spec Series open wheel class with sealed 13B motors. Has been around for a long time. Big selling point was that the sealed rotaries could last 2-3 seasons without a rebuild while making the same power.
Joseph Vale
Joseph Vale 2 månader sedan
Classic Rob outtro lol 😆
Ryan Woolley
Ryan Woolley 2 månader sedan
Best part of this video is when the 3 rotor revs on the dyno, closed captions says "music"
Nathan Somewone
Nathan Somewone 2 månader sedan
On some turbocharger manifolds there is a hole on the side before the turbo mount, does anyone know why?
MAXspeed 2 månader sedan
yo rob, lemme buy your old stock passenger side oil cooler
Doowee Boowee
Doowee Boowee 2 månader sedan
6:29 Isaiah casually playing Chess on his phone while the 3-rotor is getting dyno'd lmao
Paddy Quiggin
Paddy Quiggin 2 månader sedan
Yeah loved that little detail
SUPERPOWERPHIL 2 månader sedan
Sounds soooooo good
BEEZYY 2 månader sedan
This is THE car that really got me into cars back in the day... watching Rob's old highway pulls... thank you Rob
biro24 2 månader sedan
Jason Rueda
Jason Rueda 2 månader sedan
Built to Apex has a gorgeous oil pan setup.
Ronin 2 månader sedan
going to be a weapon
zer0__gravitea 2 månader sedan
Pff...and they say rotaries don't have torque.
Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson 2 månader sedan
With all the money rob has I don’t know why he don’t have his own dyno
Just a guy
Just a guy 2 månader sedan
soo what happen between abel ibara and dahm? why did they split up? did able get sick of robs shit all the time?
Apostolis Gogos
Apostolis Gogos 2 månader sedan
Robs cars are literally shit boxes but expensive shitboxes. and thats awesome !
paul holland
paul holland 2 månader sedan
This cars just a constant build. Just finish it dude....
Mat l
Mat l 2 månader sedan
Dude! Totally gnarly you are testing and tuning your own skunkworks projects. Hell yeah, Dahm. Get 'er done. Brap that ceiling insulation off....
Benn Harvey
Benn Harvey 2 månader sedan
Well done
Christoph 13LOOD_neo
Christoph 13LOOD_neo 2 månader sedan
6:30 Izeah playing chess
Awkward moment! 😳😅 #prank
Bugworkout Sport in Russia
visningar 41mn
Filip Dikmen
visningar 86tn
I build my strongest 3 Rotor yet! 1200 HP
Awkward moment! 😳😅 #prank
Bugworkout Sport in Russia
visningar 41mn
Filip Dikmen
visningar 86tn
visningar 135tn
visningar 10mn
visningar 9mn
Filip Dikmen
visningar 86tn