Back to LS FEST Jail with the Rotary Corvette. They almost let us out.

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Rob Dahm

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3campbep 26 dagar sedan
1000 HP 3Rotor in the vet by next year?
Rakesh Pungabi
Rakesh Pungabi 26 dagar sedan
Bring the 4 rotar to ls fest and say it's ls swapped
Llilium Månad sedan
"I got hookers on my car" "hey i fuck with that"
Keith Sise
Keith Sise Månad sedan
Next year rotary powered c8
Thomas Hayhurst
Thomas Hayhurst Månad sedan
Welp.... Rotary horny jail for rob. Again.......
Rob ur a champ!
sean Hillebrandt
sean Hillebrandt Månad sedan
I heart nads!
Gregg O
Gregg O Månad sedan
I feel for ya brother,but at the end of the day,if it can scare you when it moves,why not. I'll probably get torn apart for my comment worse than the tires on Robs 3 rotor but remember,I love you all.
Marley Casas
Marley Casas Månad sedan
I like the golfer look
Hyperstrike Månad sedan
For next LS Fest. C8 with a 4 rotor!
Jason Wong
Jason Wong Månad sedan
@Rob Dahm ... you know they make the old RX7 Leathersport right ? It has... LS badges everywhere..... just sayin ;)
bulldogg117 Månad sedan
"I thought you were somebody's dad"
Nathan Zondlo
Nathan Zondlo Månad sedan
NGL that gen 2 RX7 at the beginning sounded pretty dope.
Patrick Radcliffe
Patrick Radcliffe Månad sedan
Imagine the nausea when he sees Uncle Tony's slant six Miata.
t44e6 Månad sedan
Rotary is a gimmick at this point. Give it a rest. If they were workable they would be in use.
Roy HI
Roy HI Månad sedan
I also threw up a little when I heard the RX. Everyone likes to be a little different. Rob doesn't. STAY LOYAL!
Fernando Villeda
Fernando Villeda Månad sedan
Don't put an ls in a Mazda rx7.. Put a jzgte on it..👌👍JDM Gang!!
Adrian Graham
Adrian Graham Månad sedan
Enjoying watching you and Emilia upload on the same time frame about LS Fest. Was waiting to catch a glimpse of you in one of her vids or vice versa, but still great content from both of you.
Robin Schiller
Robin Schiller Månad sedan
These shoes & shorts get me every time :D
Akira Månad sedan
Nice touch with the squeaky belt 👌
Jake Lawrance
Jake Lawrance Månad sedan
4:38 the cinematography in this section is incredible
MafiaboysWorld Månad sedan
Oooh, someone's using copyright free music and not giving credits. Can't fool me Rob, I used the same song my last episode. 😉👍
My Cool
My Cool Månad sedan
If only the c8 rotary build were done.
BJK1715 Månad sedan
6:15 sounds like a cheap weedwacker 🤣
Tiny Rick
Tiny Rick Månad sedan
All these badass cars, yet he still uses a u-haul trailer hahaha
James Wintersteiner
James Wintersteiner Månad sedan
C8 4rotor next year oh yeah you could put the hurt on!!!! #RobDahm
AzyPebble Månad sedan
Motor City Fats
Motor City Fats Månad sedan
last year was funny... this year its just routine
Toms Tech
Toms Tech Månad sedan
Find the smallest lightest ls engine and stick it in the trunk.
Sam Månad sedan
6 rotor in a C8
Eddie Gussler II
Eddie Gussler II Månad sedan
Jus saying, you might get further in if you didn't announce it 3 weeks in advance. 😂 Good job on the disguise though.
Tycho Klapwijk
Tycho Klapwijk Månad sedan
Next year it should be painted a different color, pushed to the starting line and beat all the stock ls's
iRdMoose Månad sedan
Murderers! How dare they put LS motors in an RX7? Absolutely disgusting.
drumboarder1 Månad sedan
Sound is reason enough to dump the rotary out of the car
Silas Winders
Silas Winders Månad sedan
Next year taking it up a notch with the C8.R Not race, but rotary
Benjamin Thongphala
Benjamin Thongphala Månad sedan
Love how at the hoonigan booth they were shitting on suppys rx7 that he converted to ls
2fast4coolness 2.0
2fast4coolness 2.0 Månad sedan
Hear me out...rotary swapped c3
Mazda626gtturbo Månad sedan
An Ls in a FD body is like grandma getting new boobs but she can only afford to get one done.
Raul Zambrano
Raul Zambrano Månad sedan
Next year is gonna be the Rotary C8 😁😁
R0CK Månad sedan
Quality video
Alan Farah
Alan Farah Månad sedan
Jake Pysz
Jake Pysz Månad sedan
The ls is cheap horsepower cause theres prolly a million of em floating around or driving on the road
Bigfoot Garage
Bigfoot Garage Månad sedan
So LS fest next year he will have the C8 5 rotor done
LeMarkD Media
LeMarkD Media Månad sedan
I’m just waiting for a youtuber to try and get in with a Honda LS motor 😂
SK Reactionz
SK Reactionz Månad sedan
If R stands for rotary does that mean you're going to make a 7 rotor?
Geothetheo23 plays
Geothetheo23 plays Månad sedan
Is it going to be the c8 next year??🤔
AndrewKidd14145 Månad sedan
Putting ls in Fd is like no rb in skyline and no 2j in Supra’s.
Shawn Dickens
Shawn Dickens Månad sedan
I would love to own an FD LSx-7
vdubster Månad sedan
C8 4 rotor next year?
Mattloomis16 Månad sedan
*spends thousands on 4 rotors* *still rents u haul trailers* I love it!!
gabriel rosales
gabriel rosales Månad sedan
Lmao. Rob is wearing the corvette owner uniform.
Creator 262
Creator 262 Månad sedan
Hahahahahahahawe went to ls fest with a car thats not an ls hahahahahhahahah😏
Michael West
Michael West Månad sedan
Next year the c8 might be done
akhtar razzan
akhtar razzan Månad sedan
LS > Rotary
Marco Månad sedan
4:45 - "look how they massacred my boy"
Paul Schendel
Paul Schendel Månad sedan
Shoulda had a ls vs rotary debate with suppy hes the dude at hoonigan that swaps the fd
Dallas Månad sedan
Damn it Rob, take off that mask and shirt.... 😂
lalin96 Månad sedan
Rob is like "look how the massacred my boy!"
Kevin Dahm
Kevin Dahm Månad sedan
Set aside obligation, I love this guy.
George Rodriguez
George Rodriguez Månad sedan
you should be representing rotary man! dont take a half assed build.. it makes us look bad!!
jesus saves cars s
jesus saves cars s Månad sedan
Only thing missing was the dad nikes those were close like the 2.0 dad shoe lol
Chris Figue
Chris Figue Månad sedan
You should do a vlog with @angelmotorsports
jake plummer
jake plummer Månad sedan
Not as good the 2nd time
john j
john j Månad sedan
4:40 "Look how they massacred my boy"
juiceda6 Månad sedan
Reliability and reliability. It sounded like a lamma yelling lol. Love all the work 8:11
graeme mcfarlane
graeme mcfarlane Månad sedan
Is that 1 more notch or 1 more rotor? :D
MrKelenek Månad sedan
Ppl would put an LS in a R34...because it doesn't belong, don't put it in an FD either !
Cory Tomlin
Cory Tomlin Månad sedan
Multicrosman Månad sedan
"It's got such a tall 1st gear" nah bro there's just no torque with that motor
Engine Månad sedan
Jacob Christman
Jacob Christman Månad sedan
The ultimate dad fit
John Guilfoyle
John Guilfoyle Månad sedan
You can put an outboard motor on a bathtub and call it a boat if you want, but Boaters know the difference. I guess the LS motor is like an outboard motor just getting retrofitted into anything and everything.
AUSTIN Månad sedan
I'm coming down to california with an oxyacetylene torch and I'm going to melt that pile of shit hand-me-down open trailer into a puddle. I am so fucking over that thing at this point. I'm so god damn tired of seeing cool cars on that goodwill-find peasant piece of rubbish
Tim G
Tim G Månad sedan
If r stands for rotary your gonna have to make a 7 rotor to fulfill its name. Rx7. It's like a math equation.
Lance Steven Lim
Lance Steven Lim Månad sedan
This is The first time I saw Rob wearing cargo freakin shorts hahaha
Simp's Okay!
Simp's Okay! Månad sedan
I think that suppy ls rx7
Lars Fristedt
Lars Fristedt Månad sedan
It sounds and smoke as a two stroke SAAB from the sixties.
Magnum_PI Månad sedan
even if it is blasfemy.. the LS actually looks like it was made for the RX7.. or vice versa :P
Novice_Mentality Månad sedan
Wondering if Dahm can put a 4 rotor in the c8, to have the highest HP c8 have a rotary in it?
Jeebuz Månad sedan
Let’s see rob rotary swap a viper
Jase Poag
Jase Poag Månad sedan
Look at all those saggy back pushups. Tisk tisk
John Reall
John Reall Månad sedan
You have to put some real gears in the rear end 4.88s or 5.13s
O K Månad sedan
Finnish the rotary c8 and next year bring that
Nitrocity Månad sedan
So we're getting a video of this thing doing a pull right? Right Rob?
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown Månad sedan
min 7:24 kinda sus
mark Koran Jr
mark Koran Jr Månad sedan
Their midlife crisis outfits would have definitely been complete with the Dad force 1, new balances. 😂
DMRH69 Månad sedan
SHame about the face masks......
Soren Månad sedan
You know, I think I might actually hate Rob, but I love the man because he's got so much energy and he's always busting his ass to make his dreams a reality. Keep it up Rob, you a man of rare quality in this day and age
Akihiro zheng
Akihiro zheng Månad sedan
Damn Daddy Damn looks so daddy outfit for today...😁😁😁✌️✌️✌️
DomiThe Rev
DomiThe Rev Månad sedan
LS swap is nothing man. Imagine that in Poland there is LOTS of swapped RX8 with 1.8T from volkswagen/audi and so on 🤢🤢🤢 1.8T here ia like yours LS swap, super common. And this is fcking shame and disgusting 🤒 Yeah, just try to imagine THAT...
DIYkING 9K Månad sedan
Where is the racing🤷🏽‍♂️ what was the point.
Mainfold Månad sedan
The thing you could do to make next year a big "wtf is that even?"-moment, find a way to merge an LS and a rotary, so they run on a connected crankshaft. Maybe a 2-rotor in front of and LS would be the easiest frankenstein's monster
Andrew peterson
Andrew peterson Månad sedan
So Rob is bringing the C8 next year it sounds like
John Simons
John Simons Månad sedan
Awesome, I hope kicking it up a notch, translates into a 3 rotor in the Corvette 😉
Muhammad Thakur
Muhammad Thakur Månad sedan
When is the 4 Rotor C8 build going to start
081588101 Månad sedan
Deja Vu
fishin fool
fishin fool Månad sedan
c8 for next year incoming....
MadCarTK Månad sedan
When you dumped all your time into Alteration and Illusion but forgot about Sneak:
Larson Racing.
Larson Racing. Månad sedan
Aint gonna sneak in with shit if you dont make it so obvious your "sneaking" in. Obvious outfits n not painting the car or anything at all
Omandi Omayio
Omandi Omayio Månad sedan
Just tell them you have 180 degree headers lmao
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