Getting the 3 Rotor ready for the Dyno! Louder and more Rowdy than before

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Rob Dahm

2 månader sedan

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Guy Conley
Guy Conley 11 timmar sedan
Nice upload, you have a new sub! Have you checked PromoSM? It’s the best way to promote your channel!!
Peyton Morrison
Peyton Morrison 21 dag sedan
19:59 You guys are welcome.
corn dawgz
corn dawgz Månad sedan
i like he stays true to one build the rx7 other than these other gaytubers who hop car to car when they get richer from gaytube
Benjamin Pedersen
Benjamin Pedersen Månad sedan
What happened to the 4 rotor
Gosong999 Månad sedan
Is it normal that engine produce smoke that much?
Jake Bond
Jake Bond Månad sedan
Anyone else get a semi when he backed it off until the barp🤣
2JDM Månad sedan
Very exciting stuff. Doing my turbo on my is300 soon and i can't wait.
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 2 månader sedan
Is it Brrrapping necessary indication of a good tune? I don't think so but it sounds cool
Hebrew Hooligan
Hebrew Hooligan 2 månader sedan
This shit makes me wanna start looking at RX7s again but they just are way to much $
Мансур Мухаметзянов
Мансур Мухаметзянов 2 månader sedan
товарищи,подскажите мне почему она дымит,и под ней лужа масла?
Alex Derkach
Alex Derkach 2 månader sedan
That engine has such a nice little RB26 note on the high revs 😍
Anthony N
Anthony N 2 månader sedan
Didn't blow out that front housing.... Faaaaark...!! And that waste gate line is going to fail. Aluminium line softer than the brass bushes and nipples, perfect for over boost when it fails under boost..!
Anthony N
Anthony N 2 månader sedan
Should be a silky smooth idle.... its way to rich hence the lumpy bridge like idle..! Do you have any idea Rob..??? It should idle much lower, its because its way to rich. And its louder because of the shit mufflers on it..!
Julius Carter
Julius Carter 2 månader sedan
16:08 just waiting on that hoodie string to do work
Giddy Up
Giddy Up 2 månader sedan
Its running... 5 dyno pulls later, time for a rebuild! Rob builds the most reliable engines and is a great tuner... not.
Pico 2 månader sedan
5:45 dude that sounds like a fucking f1
Aleksandra Safonova
Aleksandra Safonova 2 månader sedan
The tawdry delivery jointly question because bagpipe thermodynamically yell up a earsplitting chicken. longing, hurt lily
BigCheese Pooman
BigCheese Pooman 2 månader sedan
5:45 I'd shit myself if I heard that in my sleep
Holden Bostocky
Holden Bostocky 2 månader sedan
I don’t know a whole lot about rotarys so excuse me if I sound like a dumbass. Is it just the nature of the 3 rotor or the exhaust on the car that makes it sound so much more...rowdy than the 4 rotor?
Clayton Yates
Clayton Yates 2 månader sedan
I remember pushing your damn vette at ls fest cause I thought you were some guy that had a blown motor and didn't know anything you were doing haha. I felt bad for you.
AUSTIN 2 månader sedan
lmfao a mandrel doesn't go inside the tubing, rob. a mandrel is just a round die to form the tubing around. like say you took a yellow MAP gas cylinder and used it to bend tube around into a 180, the cylinder would be considered the mandrel
Dallas Small
Dallas Small 2 månader sedan
Been thinking about a 3 rotor myself here lately.... Loving the progress !
Right Side77
Right Side77 2 månader sedan
11:21 nice tig welds.
Alaester Nikolai Modern
Alaester Nikolai Modern 2 månader sedan
9:12 *cuts wires; Rob gags* I laughed too hard at this. 😂
Jason Aughenbaugh
Jason Aughenbaugh 2 månader sedan
Rob you should just sell me the 3 rotor fd
R O M C H O M P A 2 månader sedan
that looks expensive
Kerry Kalls
Kerry Kalls 2 månader sedan
Bro, for the sake of fuck, edit and shorten your videos. At least 1 out of every 10. Pay someone a pittance to edit for you
Goultek 2 månader sedan
been watching your videos for a while now, one common problem you always have : leaks !
Nyum91 RedZonE Toramer
Nyum91 RedZonE Toramer 2 månader sedan
Notty boost pulls.
Grandude Tonesnob
Grandude Tonesnob 2 månader sedan
One of these days, Rob will be an old man in a single rotor hoverround!
Random Stranger
Random Stranger 2 månader sedan
Please get rid of those bits dangling off your clothes when you're working on a running engine. If they get caught in a belt it's going to hurt.
JackCarver10 2 månader sedan
The Primus Frizzle Fry shirt. Instant upvote
F.M 2 månader sedan
Taina Edwards
Taina Edwards 2 månader sedan
This man should make a Bourke engine and a gearbox to fit
Hucker21 2 månader sedan
please throw those hose clamps into the trash were they belong and get some t-bolt clamps!
turboash78 2 månader sedan
That is super, super, sexual.
Chazz 2 månader sedan
1:13 sounds like an RB here
Wind of change
Wind of change 2 månader sedan
Rob really going legit these days , never thought I would see that mess of a wiring loom finally go haha.
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 2 månader sedan
His genuine happiness, giddiness and enjoyment of these cars is palpable! Awesome work!
phadethiss 2 månader sedan
The oil that Rob uses is the best oil that I've ever put in my car you can noticeably tell the difference I can't say enough good things about how this oil has changed the way I look at oil
Dog Life S.A
Dog Life S.A 2 månader sedan
Isit just me or is DAHM getting jacked AF...
Człek 2 månader sedan
sounds like R34 WHAT!?
PANDORAS BOX #JVRQRCCY Clash of Clans 2 månader sedan
I'm forever inlove with the 3rotor sound, it's just on another level. But all rotors sound nice with 3rotor as exception. 👍👏👏can't wait for dyno. All the best.
Dave Mackay
Dave Mackay 2 månader sedan
I may be in need of some Super Sexual RElief after watching this!
Blakelikesfood 2 månader sedan
What am I missing? Per the comments did he rebuild the entire rotary again? Invented something new? I don't understand he's been driving it for months.
MacGuffin 2 månader sedan
Can't wait for a video with you and JP (from JP Performance) together on the rotaries....
Kette der Raucher
Kette der Raucher 2 månader sedan
Idk but is it burning oil? Sounds really rad🔥
Big Joe
Big Joe 2 månader sedan
super super sexual 😂
Richard Gerard
Richard Gerard 2 månader sedan
Why is it so slow
anima oblitus
anima oblitus 2 månader sedan
Captions said "foreign" when the rotor reved lol
Random Person
Random Person 2 månader sedan
For anyone whos play project cars 2, who else got reminded of the radbull when he reved it
Tiago Sousa Guedes
Tiago Sousa Guedes 2 månader sedan
Your neighbours must love you
JoeydM_01 2 månader sedan
Do rotorary engines run richer? Lamda 1 would be perfect normally right?
epoxeclipse 2 månader sedan
Rob I just put ecm link in my dsm (tuning) and I am going to buy larger fuel injectors.. well then one of the guys on a car group posts that my town is getting e85 installed at a pump. Currently e85 is hours away minimum so no one here can run it other than the guys that truck drums in. well now I am looking at 2000cc injectors.. man.
Dalai's DramaLama
Dalai's DramaLama 2 månader sedan
oh my god 🙄
Savvas Agathokleous
Savvas Agathokleous 2 månader sedan
Hello from Cyprus 🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾
GTXR32 2 månader sedan
I fucking love you man ❤️
Ruben 2 månader sedan
20Bs are some of the most pissed off sounding engines ever
P. luna
P. luna 2 månader sedan
I know this is a bit of a stretch But i see that RotaryVette over there 👀 and im like ...... Supercharge it ! How care can it be? , then I remembered you do all the work yourself and how difficult rotary engines works with SC It would be wacky but awesome tbh if you can pull it
Brian Kuhn
Brian Kuhn 2 månader sedan
I want to see Rob machine the eccentric shaft. We could see the first single shaft, 8 rotor!
Maximus Gameplay
Maximus Gameplay 2 månader sedan
damn the 20b sounds so crisp. Incredible progression Rob!
TheCmmdk 2 månader sedan
Why is it that Rob always test drives at night?
Pisang Setan
Pisang Setan 2 månader sedan hope you see this video..a diffrent rotors? watch on 8.00 mint
Rooey 2 månader sedan
Someone, please! Get Rob some real tools. How can one man have so many beautiful expensive tools and than a ratchet and toolbox like that?
SuperBrainAK 2 månader sedan
that car is sounding amazing! so Iconic, I want to hear it in person one day!
Koby _KT
Koby _KT 2 månader sedan
noteeeven_ everyday
noteeeven_ everyday 2 månader sedan
The 3 rotor reminds me of a yamaha fz09. Sounds cool.
jordan horst
jordan horst 2 månader sedan
according to your apple watch a silenced gun is still loud lol take that hollywood.
Divine Drift
Divine Drift 2 månader sedan
Imagine a yellow diablo sounding like that. Rotary lambo needs to happen at some point lol
Steven Clevenger
Steven Clevenger 2 månader sedan
Fill that small aluminum rod "tightly" with sand and it won't collapse during bending. Also, a simple nail and board/bench works as a great jig
B58 Moran
B58 Moran 2 månader sedan
This car brought me to the channel. Missed it a bunch. Only reason I want a rotary car
EthanYT 2 månader sedan
The legend of 3 rotor is now back and alive
MRevo 2 månader sedan
I thought you have to open the edge of the pipe so the fittings doesnt fall out..
Peachy 2 månader sedan
Is the c8 or the Diablo gonna be twin turbo?
Josh Litt
Josh Litt 2 månader sedan
Sounds so good!
jcoopdo 2 månader sedan
Super smoky
the white wolf
the white wolf 2 månader sedan
Good to see the 3 rotor coming to life and all the hard work that gone into it so far amazing man
Not Zak Alexander
Not Zak Alexander 2 månader sedan
Hell yeah dude! Can’t wait to see what you accomplish with it! Sucks you won’t beat that 1/2 mile record that’s about to be set but hey 🤷🏻‍♂️
Thomas Sievers
Thomas Sievers 2 månader sedan
Finish your 4rotor ffs
Aiden Rahe
Aiden Rahe 2 månader sedan
Twink” those are forged rotars man Dahms labor ain’t cheap”
Starling Cross
Starling Cross 2 månader sedan
Every rob dahm video is like a treat
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 2 månader sedan
Can somebody tell me why this 3 rotor sounds like a 6 cylinder engine???
Chris 2 månader sedan
damn wire strippers dont cut :\
Tony Clark
Tony Clark 2 månader sedan
Surprised to not see him accusing someone “stealing” something else from him...douche
casefc3s 2 månader sedan
Man that thing just sounds amazeballs. Love the attention to detail you've been putting in on this!
Michael B
Michael B 2 månader sedan
The subtitles say "music" while revving. Couldn't be more right
Jacob Kassow Møller
Jacob Kassow Møller 2 månader sedan
The filming in the start was so good. You could make a movie about that
Reinhard Noorman
Reinhard Noorman 2 månader sedan
So... When you gona dyno it?
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 2 månader sedan
This guy has a giant schnoz Jesus
NNFaNRacing 2 månader sedan
Rob Dahm, the kinda guy to own a CNC and try to hand sand something flat....
fasoladas123 2 månader sedan
men im so excited for the next video 2 månader sedan
Start , went Out. Start , went out. What a great Motor 🤦🏼‍♂️
Ding Dong Drift
Ding Dong Drift 2 månader sedan
the fucking spaghetti monster just chillin' on the fender lol
Zain Babar
Zain Babar 2 månader sedan
Hey bro. Try out HondaBond. It’s much stronger and it’s like $11 a tube. You may like it.
Flo-Rida FPV
Flo-Rida FPV 2 månader sedan
Rob....u should ceramic coat that rusty ass turbo hot side my dude
aurora2319 2 månader sedan
The way that engine purrs at low revs and screams at higher revs is almost orgasmic
jay overdijk
jay overdijk 2 månader sedan
Holy shit 😧
James Witt
James Witt 2 månader sedan
Htf does rob not have 1m subs?!?!?!
guido heeling
guido heeling 2 månader sedan
Oh man this thing sounds wild!
MickeyD100 2 månader sedan
11:02 "airtight fit" /laughs Rob, you pervert 🤣
I build my strongest 3 Rotor yet! 1200 HP
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