How bad is the Damage on the 4 Rotor RX-7 from racing the Hoonicorn?

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Rob Dahm

6 månader sedan

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David H
David H Månad sedan
Why do you associate yourself with someone that scams their customers? He quotes a customer and receives 50% of the payment upfront and then after a bunch of excuses, can’t come up with the money after failing to do any of the work. Isaiah aka FABscammer
SeppuKun 2 månader sedan
Try fixing the body damage with PDR first! 😊
Ory 2 månader sedan
i want the hood lmao
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander 2 månader sedan
Rob i hate to say it but the universe has a funny way of speaking.. i think you should listen.
Lesliejimmy Sedavazquez
Lesliejimmy Sedavazquez 2 månader sedan
I love The race . But You have to come to Puerto Rico. This island has The Best rotory mecanic in the World and we have a racetrack in salinas,puerto rico. That has some World récord in the history of rotory engines and smallrotorycars . If any question, see for your self in. Mectech Racing in Puerto Rico and now in Orlando Fl.
Ely Enderle
Ely Enderle 3 månader sedan
The agreeable cement methodically sprout because penalty nomenclaturally permit round a homeless turtle. obnoxious, optimal interest
Luke Lemay
Luke Lemay 3 månader sedan
robert bolan
robert bolan 3 månader sedan
I think with alot of R&D, some "adjustments" to the bodywork and some seat-time in the car, and this could be a very potent weapon, you're going to have alot of flaws and imperfections to remedy with any type of conversion, but this is massively different, this is unknown territory and a car so fast it wants to rip itself apart, all tuner's/manufacturer's have the same issues but we don't get to see it until it's done, dusted and has a coat of polish on it, hats off, I'm pretty sure it will be capable of warp-speed at some point 😎👍🇮🇪
dimjat 3 månader sedan
mans car facepalmed itself
Adam D
Adam D 3 månader sedan
This was sad
Nathaniel Hunter
Nathaniel Hunter 3 månader sedan
How does one make enough money to do this? All the tools and parts and shop dang! It's gotta cost a mill/yr. What are they selling drugs or something! The shop has me super jealous!
z3dz zed
z3dz zed 3 månader sedan
What a great car. Altho its not finished yet, it broke 4 times already according to to Rob.
Cesario martins dias
Cesario martins dias 3 månader sedan
good good sry that is 30% from all (speed),.... wen you lokat nao in1-2 mons you tink what for a cracy man you must sie that! im shur 😘🤘
Goldenart 121
Goldenart 121 3 månader sedan
Question..... why is the steering wheel crooked? Or am I missing something
Dan Letter
Dan Letter 3 månader sedan
This is a labor of love. I get it completely. But still lots of labor left to do. I couldn’t help but notice, the hoonicorn didn’t fall apart as it made passes.
Mitchell Bennett
Mitchell Bennett 4 månader sedan
Veilside kit??
Justin Digital
Justin Digital 4 månader sedan
how much safety wiring was done to keep the bolts and stuff from backing and rattling out? I imagine several pounds of .032 and .020 was used to keep everything together?
Strawberryredfiesta 4 månader sedan
Bing bong ur hoods gone
Akhyar Rayhka
Akhyar Rayhka 4 månader sedan
I really hope this RX7 wins bcos Dorito
Boomify 4 månader sedan
didnt mention that Ken was down 1 cylinder? hmm
xRushSpawner 4 månader sedan
Maybe if you add a better body to the car with increased rigidity and a change in some part placements with the right tyres and focus more power to mid rpm and low then your rotary would be a beast
Sebastian Bower
Sebastian Bower 4 månader sedan
Loved the video. Also low key simply safe is a fire security system and would definitely recommend. 10/10
Nodrama 4 månader sedan
mazda engineers be like: wtf has this guy done ?
Brand x fab
Brand x fab 4 månader sedan
Going out in style
eric robinson
eric robinson 4 månader sedan
love the car dude
coco Boo
coco Boo 4 månader sedan
Dont need torque for a car shell that light
Donald Burkhard
Donald Burkhard 4 månader sedan
Flare the fenders?
Dillon Maher
Dillon Maher 4 månader sedan
This thing is a fkn beast
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera 4 månader sedan
unfortunately you talk too much bro . im sorry
hunter Wagar
hunter Wagar 4 månader sedan
See if you can get hoonicorn to open their engine to see how its holding up
Crot Selebew
Crot Selebew 4 månader sedan
dont be sad rob
Chris_Xing 4 månader sedan
We need a 0-60 on this thing
Aurora The Otter
Aurora The Otter 4 månader sedan
now to make a 6 or 8 rotor xD
Angelita Moore
Angelita Moore 4 månader sedan
rob bud i love ya but almost only counts in horseshoes and lawn darts
Royalty Productions
Royalty Productions 4 månader sedan
Mi Stand Up 💪
Chr_is 4 månader sedan
I just feel like this car is literally the most thrown together can on SEcycle , between the wiring everywhere the exposed gear box and tailshafts in the cab and the body panels constantly falling off ect, good concept. Poor execution. Hopefully it gets sorted soon because that car deserves it.
s01 4 månader sedan
Broken every video
Jose Leal
Jose Leal 4 månader sedan
Have you ever considered putting two QFM-360-X motors. Each motor claims to make 1340hp and each motor is about the size of a rotor. Imagine a 2680 hp engine the size of a 13b. Granted this motor is electric but this motor literally looks like a rotor or at least that was the vibe I got when I first heard of this motor.
Adam Garner
Adam Garner 5 månader sedan
It’s fucked mert
BVD JVD 5 månader sedan
Could have done with a headphone warning, thanks
Speedy 717
Speedy 717 5 månader sedan
That go pro in the back got bitched slapped into another universe
Leon Schoen
Leon Schoen 5 månader sedan
Look at this Valoline it is even good vor Rust prevention on this flat bottom
trillrif axegrindor
trillrif axegrindor 5 månader sedan
i watched that run,for a car with so much less financial backing than the hoonicorn you almost ate him,sort it out and do it again.we love it and have confidence the 4 rotor can win
ayeapprove 5 månader sedan
What about the roof? That looked hard to fix too
Afonso Fernandes
Afonso Fernandes 5 månader sedan
Strange how the Hoonicorn beat its japanese self
Brad patterson
Brad patterson 5 månader sedan
Wow rotarys are amazing.. so reliable.. 😑😑😑
NIGGI 5 månader sedan
Greeting from Germany JP Performance
krystofer66 5 månader sedan
Add a floor plan and might keep the pressure around the car from ripping some pieces off.
Brian Thiem
Brian Thiem 5 månader sedan
what tail lights are those?
Caden Harris
Caden Harris 5 månader sedan
he made a video about them awhile go
SirSawtooth 5 månader sedan
Rob is doing something insane. At this point why hasn't Mazda stepped in to help like "No, No, no no.. you do it like this!"
Hooptie Rides&Reviews
Hooptie Rides&Reviews 5 månader sedan
Honestly one of the best races ive ever watched. Rob Dahm 🇺🇲🦅👍🤟
Tye Coz
Tye Coz 5 månader sedan
Well at the very least the car will provide you with endless content.. Lol
Mozzy 5 månader sedan
Credit where it due , you had him on the launch imo .. then it appears to have dipped ? You're the only car I was legit excited about as it deffo had a chance ! The rest are all a certain k.b win
Austin's Stuff
Austin's Stuff 5 månader sedan
We need that carbon fibre bodyyyyy
DirtyD23 1
DirtyD23 1 5 månader sedan
For a car that you didn’t have much seat time in and wasn’t fully dialed you held your own.
DesertFernweh 5 månader sedan
You need todo a Collab with AvE or This Old Tony to get your welds on you hood mounts right.
realtobefree 5 månader sedan
200hp more you could be side by side
Eliarrobcio 5 månader sedan
PLEASE, I beg you, secure with plate or somethig that driveshaft wich is under your elbow inside the car! XD
Jeksta28 5 månader sedan
So cool!!!!
B 5 månader sedan
Hi Rob. Please start wearing a mask when your cutting fibreglass bro. That shit is lung cancer in the making.
troy stilwel
troy stilwel 5 månader sedan
“I accidentally ended up using a DIY driveshaft for a 1200 hp barely legal car. But we’ve all been there.”
john selah
john selah 5 månader sedan
ok this channel has reaaaallllyyy died........
RJMFits 5 månader sedan
The noiseless nepal similarly relax because motorcycle focally prick on a large colombia. obsequious, gorgeous custard
Joe Bullen
Joe Bullen 5 månader sedan
Daddy dahm whered you go? I want more content!!!!!!
Marco Ludovico
Marco Ludovico 5 månader sedan
Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry 5 månader sedan
It's been almost a month without update. What the hell Rob!
Blairmitch D
Blairmitch D 5 månader sedan
This “rx7” is incredible but just goes to show how well built the hoonicorn is.
MONTESK _ 5 månader sedan
I guess Rob is still catching up on asleep after preparing for this race
Braev8 5 månader sedan
Was looking forward to more content but now he’s gone ghost, must have been the holidays.
Shire Cain
Shire Cain 5 månader sedan
The only person to smash the unicorn. One length handicapped but that's the agreed race. You are a BAD ASS
Suryavel Chandra
Suryavel Chandra 5 månader sedan
Shawn Spencer
Jetro Sarto
Jetro Sarto 5 månader sedan
When is the new episode?
Cr4zy Goose
Cr4zy Goose 5 månader sedan
Diablo watching from the back: I used to be jealous that he doesn't race me but i have changed my mind.
Karl Paljev
Karl Paljev 5 månader sedan
When new episode ?
firdaus ahsin
firdaus ahsin 5 månader sedan
Danger to the manifold... Hahaha it just looking like first fast and furious..
delza brown
delza brown 5 månader sedan
Hope you're well Rob
Cody Barton
Cody Barton 5 månader sedan
I mean, why you chose to keep going when you saw it flexing is beyond me but trial and error..
M Whitelaw
M Whitelaw 5 månader sedan
Dude That was AWESOME heck yeah!!!!
FreeBestplayer123 5 månader sedan
Every video about the 4-rotor is something breaking.
Allan Murray
Allan Murray 5 månader sedan
did you just tease a 6 rotor fucking diablo??!?!
Lee Miller
Lee Miller 5 månader sedan
" WE'RE NOT WORTHY, WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!! " Kudos to you for building such a sick car out of an RX-7. Hopefully you can dump some $ into your ride and do a return match/video against Ken in a few months. I would love to see you beat him by one or two lengths at 150+ MPH on camera.
Lee Miller
Lee Miller 5 månader sedan
You sir have earned a new subscriber and I salute you!
LDN Wholesale
LDN Wholesale 5 månader sedan
The car has done, what, 5 miles and it is half wrecked. And oil and shit every where. Laminated screen are two pieces of 'normal. glass bonded together with vinyl in between
XxCaptanTac0MoN 5 månader sedan
It’s been 2 months Rob I haven’t got my hoodie,Please check your emails I just want the fucking hoodie. 10/27/20. And It’s 2021 now.
Noah Gibson
Noah Gibson 5 månader sedan
There is just something about grinder and saw noises put up against lo-fi that just gets me going
ExtremeODD 5 månader sedan
Get your launch down and hoonicorn is toast. Congratulations Rob, living vicariously through you is (sadly) the peak of my existence.
Orlando Negron
Orlando Negron 5 månader sedan
Rob please give up on that car
IIGrayfoxII 5 månader sedan
You need to make a 787B style chassis.
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell 5 månader sedan
rematch in 2021!!!
Brayden Garcia
Brayden Garcia 5 månader sedan
What body kits does he have on ??????
Imran Shaikh
Imran Shaikh 5 månader sedan
Hoonigan asshole messed up the car and ask him to do some donuts
KakiRide SantaiCorner
KakiRide SantaiCorner 5 månader sedan
Everytime im on youtube, ill search for this particular channel! Cant wat for next vid, stay safe
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 5 månader sedan
I was just zapping drunk some Fast and Furious videos.... and then think... hey what is Rob doing now with his meanwhile 24 Rotor Rx7.....
Mother lover
Mother lover 5 månader sedan
growing pains
mushroomnick 5 månader sedan
I'm pretty sure this rx7 would be a lot faster than ken block's ford, once it's completed
MR DREW 5 månader sedan
Never seen a unfinished sema car pull its self to bits lmao 🤣 soo funny nice doorbell 😆
pavel1809 5 månader sedan
Awesome video hopefully you add more power to the car 😀😀😀
ethan boie
ethan boie 5 månader sedan
Maybe lexan windows to replace glass Lol
Liam McGuire
Liam McGuire 5 månader sedan
So what your saying is your doubling down and putting more new parts on her lfg
Darren Henderson
Darren Henderson 5 månader sedan
Random simply safe add was a nice touch . Great build man next time it’s dialed in should beat the hoonicorn no doubt
Bulbazoth 5 månader sedan
its been a week rob wya
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