I broke one bolt on the C8 and it cost me $$$ MAJOR Rotary Corvette updates!

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Rob Dahm

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mark im
mark im 6 dagar sedan
So what was such a big deal it took 9 months to repair or replace, I was ting going to watch 30mins on air bag replacement..
Christine Nevistiuk
Christine Nevistiuk 6 dagar sedan
The computer has to be completely re programmed with a proper diagnostic set up
Jaybruhh 11 dagar sedan
*_I can't wait until this build finishes. It's going to be sick!_*
IAmBigSteveo 13 dagar sedan
10:44 so relatable lol
Conner Hoagland
Conner Hoagland 14 dagar sedan
“You start pulling them they break off and you realize there’s an easier way to do it” think this sums up most everyone’s experience with body panels
Cody Jacoby
Cody Jacoby 15 dagar sedan
My car is a 1983 RX7. When he said, I'm trying to help you why are you hurting me 😂😂😂 I felt that
Michal 15 dagar sedan
i wana see the factory tour!!!!
Dylan Waller
Dylan Waller 16 dagar sedan
Finish the 4 rotor
Austin Nett
Austin Nett 16 dagar sedan
Who gave u there GM vsp login lol
ryan carroll
ryan carroll 17 dagar sedan
..... and the bolts was ??
Gl3gaming 17 dagar sedan
Ah yes I love barney colored connections
James Latham
James Latham 19 dagar sedan
And it’s over... LOL
Daniel Alicea
Daniel Alicea 19 dagar sedan
dude, if the shop is so hot, get a cooling vest to help. They have both fan driven and ice pack styles available.
Jacob Matthew
Jacob Matthew 19 dagar sedan
It’s either no sleep or coke… or both rock on rob
The Magic Boy
The Magic Boy 19 dagar sedan
Huh I didn't expect GM to still be referring to the airbag system as SIR, thought they would say SRS now
Guadadalupe Castro
Guadadalupe Castro 19 dagar sedan
The compa angelito tows
BigCooter.com 19 dagar sedan
14:20 .. those are not "safety connectors" or "safety clips" .. the red gizmos are called Connector Position Assurance (CPA) devices. They are there to assure the line operators actually mate and latch the connector .. the CPA can only lock when the connector is fully mated and latched. If a CPA is not locked, the line operator did not do their job properly. Also be careful with those airbag connectors, those are a new type.. the red ears must be fully lifted and held lifted while unplugging the connector.. if ya just pry off the connector, it most likely will be damaged and need to be replaced (there is a special tool for lifting those red ears that makes the job easier).
shadow105720 19 dagar sedan
Rob spent the next week searching for a quick connector type wheel for the C8 lmao
murray cameron
murray cameron 19 dagar sedan
when you where replacing the frame rail i thought it had no engine... then you started it and i realised how dumb i am HAHAHA
xephael 19 dagar sedan
2:05 the Diamond 9 on the box is a "General hazard 9 hazard warning diamond sign" ... for hazards they can't exactly classify apparently.
RedRoseSniper 19 dagar sedan
Ofc you’re keeping the stock steering wheel
d Drac
d Drac 20 dagar sedan
That editing is a masterpiece!
y3v1k 20 dagar sedan
Rob you gotta check out Tetsuya Hibino's new s15 on 4 rotors twin turbs
rm 20 dagar sedan
What did you do that caused this damage??? Why wasn't it covered by your warranty???
KarKamp 20 dagar sedan
If your replacing any type of airbag deployment you always remove all old damaged parts first before ordering new parts. Its really common for the wiring to be burnt an plugs to be broken the fact that you'll have actual O.E part numbers to order from is a plus. Always try to send out parts for repair rather than replace if possible E.A airbag modules seat belt retracters an any airbags.
ׄ 20 dagar sedan
Nothing like a rob dahm video ending
DirtyD23 1
DirtyD23 1 20 dagar sedan
I never thought I’d ever hear someone call a Corvette an exotic car.
Alexisbatman2004 20 dagar sedan
INDY car bideo ????
Ryan Yost
Ryan Yost 20 dagar sedan
Great video as always, Rob.
Steven Sabo
Steven Sabo 20 dagar sedan
Wait macmulkin? In nh?
John S
John S 20 dagar sedan
"Alright Rob, I love you" lol
Aaron Roob
Aaron Roob 20 dagar sedan
Rob has never used a trim tool before 😅
SAVAGE8 21 dag sedan
Dude open the rear trunk there’s a small cover with 3 torx star bolts for the seat belt bolt
Nick W
Nick W 21 dag sedan
Robs back to his unique endings again 🤣🤣🤣
Adam the ninja Smith
Adam the ninja Smith 21 dag sedan
To really feel it you gotta have your eyes closed... Lol
89Interceptor 21 dag sedan
16:03 i cant believe nobody made any attempt at scaring the fuck out of dahm when the battery was re connected by slamming something on the table or yelling "boom" or something
Baseline Car Channel
Baseline Car Channel 21 dag sedan
Can I have the old airbags? Willing to pay for shipping
Mark Donalds
Mark Donalds 21 dag sedan
Freagin cut the frame and get an FD rear for the front .. you’re welcome 🍺
Bobbycue’s Roadhouse
Bobbycue’s Roadhouse 21 dag sedan
Yawn..... this has nothing to do with the rotary powered Corvette BTW
Bailey 469
Bailey 469 21 dag sedan
What’s up with the CTS-V? Lol haven’t seen it in forever.
cody rosenzweig
cody rosenzweig 21 dag sedan
Forgive my ignorance, why did you replace the passenger side seat belt? What happened to it in the accident that required it to be replaced?
John Riker
John Riker 21 dag sedan
I just realized your putting a 6 rotor in the vette. 😍
Douglas Fehler
Douglas Fehler 21 dag sedan
Yo rob i was going the long way a round to say trim sucks but it is a big part of the car to make the right statement. Is there going to be a six rotor And what is the time frame now that you have that wonderful machine you can almost make a complete rotor now.
Lilmster 21 dag sedan
Turns face away from airbag to protect looks. POINTS airbag at D*** and balls....
k4rb 21 dag sedan
12:52 The reflection
Mark Clark
Mark Clark 21 dag sedan
Rob Dahm is the Owen Wilson of SEcycle.
FL`3b Cheeky Squirrel
FL`3b Cheeky Squirrel 21 dag sedan
What happened with the Three Rotor, heck what happened with the 4 rotor, oh wait what happened with the rotary vette? All over the place is very confusing. Like trying to watch a person try and herd a pack of feral cats lol. Love your channel, as confusing as it can be.
Phaethon 21 dag sedan
Its not a rob dahm video if he doesnt blue ball you in the end
Justin Kelly
Justin Kelly 22 dagar sedan
Not an exotic car unfortunately.....
F 2 F
F 2 F 22 dagar sedan
I don’t know rob I used to look up to you but now it just seems like you stall the crap out of all your vids, yeah I’m very aware that’s I’m only one person and u could care less about what I think, but you just talk so slow and over explain every little thing, the content is just dragged man
franko send it
franko send it 22 dagar sedan
Corvette air bags look like they have ur insurance number and Bruce Lee punch ready to go
Jordan Bryant
Jordan Bryant 22 dagar sedan
25 minute video about a bolt.
Hayden Royer
Hayden Royer 22 dagar sedan
Hopefully Rob doesn’t try to build the seat better like he did the RX seven and keeps it the normal C8 body for rotor so that it’ll actually be a decent car to drive around and could actually be usable not just this monstrosity that he will never figure out that being the rx7
Olivier Bertrand
Olivier Bertrand 22 dagar sedan
I honestly forgot about that car lmao
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 22 dagar sedan
the peter griffin laugh gets me every time
Ubirter 22 dagar sedan
That ending!
Danny Wilson-Burke
Danny Wilson-Burke 22 dagar sedan
wrong Indiana jones film
Vic Burt
Vic Burt 22 dagar sedan
Airbags are triggered by accelerometers very rare for them to discharge without power or static electricity
AP Perez
AP Perez 22 dagar sedan
Replaced all airbags and safety accessories but… what about the SRS module? Things won’t do their job if that’s not sent out 😅
Arthur Palmer
Arthur Palmer 22 dagar sedan
U got a headlight out there bud
Phil 22 dagar sedan
For future reference you should back the c8 onto trailers, you want the engine towards the front for the tongue weight.
The Animal
The Animal 22 dagar sedan
Glad you took that bullshit mask off . Stop playing into the fraud .
Ronin 22 dagar sedan
such a beautiful car
odysseyrider1 22 dagar sedan
Rob is the only guy who will field test his seatbelts after bolting them in. After everything you’ve built and assembled and the seatbelts excite you?😂😂
Rowan Wills
Rowan Wills 22 dagar sedan
My guess on the extra sensor on the passenger side seatbelt is that it goes without saying that is the car is being driven then there is someone in the driver's seat, or should be at least. There is not necessarily going to be someone in the passenger seat so it's not always gonna be necessary to pop the passenger seatbelt in event of a crash, hence a sensor to detect if the passenger side belt is in use
MATT G ! 22 dagar sedan
Kio 22 dagar sedan
ok but they also do a rotary swap?
MATT G ! 22 dagar sedan
@judahs garage
Sven Rohrbeck
Sven Rohrbeck 22 dagar sedan
17:28 : They are called EJOT FDS: Flow drilling screws, which are commonly used in the automotive industry
Lewisracing1018 22 dagar sedan
Love all the work on the Vette and such, but who makes that trailer? Asking for a friend...
Benjamin Danlos
Benjamin Danlos 22 dagar sedan
To be honest I completely forgot the c8 project 😅
vdubster 22 dagar sedan
I’m not sure what was best. The muzak or the Dahm ending.
John Guilfoyle
John Guilfoyle 22 dagar sedan
I was always taught in the Body Shop to send the Frame Damage to the Frame Shop AS-IS. They will pull on the damaged parts until the remaining parts are at the right measurements before cutting and replacing the damaged parts. Rob is trying to take out damaged parts with hand tools and pry bars. What damage might that cause?
FoSTPGT 22 dagar sedan
Gotta love his dahm engings. lol.
Michael Burton
Michael Burton 22 dagar sedan
I both love and hate what youre about to do to this c8
D4ngeresque 22 dagar sedan
A Rob Dahm car with a complete interior? Man 2020/21 have been weird...
Ariel Laksono
Ariel Laksono 22 dagar sedan
How about no Restriction 😂
wiaan jonker
wiaan jonker 22 dagar sedan
what happend to Erica Schrull
Jay Hannan
Jay Hannan 22 dagar sedan
I saw some Albanese gummies in the background. Rob knows how to properly snack. None of that Haribo nonsense.
GetShrektMrKrabs 22 dagar sedan
Are you getting discounted rates for these parts on the GM locator? Because 84942910 is the newest number for that upper dash and it's 402.65 for gm cost. I see you are working with Mac Mulkin lol, I'm very familiar with them lmao
SlickNicklol 22 dagar sedan
Just had an idea- finish the 4 rotor c8 then mask it up, like camo for a concept car. Then drive it around and try to confuse journalists that it’s the new C8 Z06 with the new engine that everyone’s speculating
Ron EverGrow
Ron EverGrow 22 dagar sedan
I can't wait to S👀 somebody build a Awd SS Monte carlo 2006-2007 the Silver Bullet(or a straight rwd one, big block LS ) ............
Mike Mazz
Mike Mazz 22 dagar sedan
Rob sir, clean the windshield of the Insight, the car never lets you down show it some love. For shame 🤣
Gilbert Cruz
Gilbert Cruz 22 dagar sedan
Second date, and a full newborn but no 4 rotor C8 lmao
Mario Zarkov
Mario Zarkov 22 dagar sedan
soundtrack starting at 20:36 anyone ?
0xp17 22 dagar sedan
this man is always up to something insane
J Tra
J Tra 22 dagar sedan
Damn your endings! I love it! Keep up the excellent work good sir! I'm loving the content, been subscribed for a couple years now, I can't believe it's all paying off at the same time! Your channel is gonna get huge from all this content you've been slowly creating! Yayuhh!
Trystan Shen
Trystan Shen 22 dagar sedan
Keeps us really fixing ur hair Rob! Looks good at the end of the vid
Nostyle FD3S RX7
Nostyle FD3S RX7 22 dagar sedan
How can you add an OBDII port to the rotary engine?
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 23 dagar sedan
Why not do custom tube frame fabrication on the front end like the 4 Rotor Rx7?
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 23 dagar sedan
Rob, you could have bought that front beam from a junkyard and installed it yourself
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 23 dagar sedan
What are "Explosive Seatbelts?"
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 23 dagar sedan
Nice seats how much do they cost on GM Portal?
Chris Yeargin
Chris Yeargin 23 dagar sedan
Where is the 6 rotor?
Jake Clauson
Jake Clauson 23 dagar sedan
What program are you using to look up procedures? Glad to see you didn't waste your time with alldata. Their real name should be no data
powcar91 23 dagar sedan
You got access to airbags? When I worked at bmw, we couldn't ship airbags to civilians.
Lindo e Gostoso BR
Lindo e Gostoso BR 23 dagar sedan
+1 vídeo do c8 pra acompanhar
David Kusel
David Kusel 23 dagar sedan
My local junkyard has a wrecked c8 in inventory. If you need any parts off it hmu
Vince Ilan
Vince Ilan 23 dagar sedan
I thought the C8 will be a 6-Rotor Turbo???
Ron Sciara
Ron Sciara 23 dagar sedan
Going to love this rebuild😁👊👌
Big 'ol Booty Cheeks
Big 'ol Booty Cheeks 23 dagar sedan
It should be pretty spicy when it's done. You need an FC though too.
Lt-Silencer / Ryan
Lt-Silencer / Ryan 23 dagar sedan
that is a sick trailer, never expected to say something like this.
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