I build my strongest 3 Rotor yet! 1200 HP

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Rob Dahm

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Danny iPwn
Danny iPwn 12 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie, i came back 2 months later to say that i switched to VR1 20w-50 because of this video Me and my Turbo E36 LOVE the oil. it works fantastic. (coming from Shell Rotella)
Truck driver wrenching life Ake
Truck driver wrenching life Ake 15 dagar sedan
Awesome no more all thread with nuts welded on one side, you have nice looking hardware
Martin Kuthan
Martin Kuthan 16 dagar sedan
What was the software application on your laptop(PC) for? What was applicatio name?
freakstyler1987 19 dagar sedan
I will put this up above my bed: "half inch of endplay"
Gregg O
Gregg O Månad sedan
The way you explain your build and display all the minor yet just as vital points of the why,what,where,and hows involved in order to accomplish the desired results when performing the surgery of assembly needed had me absolutely glued to my phone and caused the absence of proper period placement in my comment that only someone with the lung capacity of a Sasquatch could read in its entirety without blacking out. It was easy to diagnose my ADD,go figure eh.lol Love your delivery, I wish you were my shop teacher,heck I may be fifty years old but if you want to adopt me I'm o.k with that if I can learn what you know. Have a great day brother,bless you and everyone else here reading this.
Pietro Ripamonti
Pietro Ripamonti Månad sedan
Hey Rob what do you think about liquidpiston rotaries
Mi Mika
Mi Mika Månad sedan
Rob ASMR Porn is not allowed on youtube.Good Luck.And thanks for sharing.
Kim Soerensen
Kim Soerensen Månad sedan
Let's just say that 3 rotor ain't the only semi pp around, namsayin'? :D Love the detail on the assembly, it makes me less scared to build (or rebuild, rather) a rotary for myself in the future!
MIKE Lavalley
MIKE Lavalley Månad sedan
I'm just playing catch-up here! That's a "Beautiful Ting" that U've put together,And it sounds Wild my friend! Great Job!💪💪💪
Youtube User
Youtube User Månad sedan
This entire vid is so damn satisfying
anonymous Månad sedan
cyanoacrylate will ruin the seal tension springs and plug oiling. super glue will break down when fuel hits it and can take with it some aluminum and wreak havoc. are you using ARS or Ianetti Ceramic seals ? 27:32 I hope you didnt get WD40A on those o-rings! WD-40 on o-rings will dry them out and eventually ruin them, especially if you do not put silicone grease
That Red Machinist
That Red Machinist 2 månader sedan
That dial test indicator is actually more accurate than a regular dial, those hash marks are half a thou and not a full thou.
Jim Pilcher
Jim Pilcher 2 månader sedan
@Rob Dahm are you balancing or lightening your rotors and rotating assembly? na 20g weight difference is quite big... I had my old school 13b bridgeport (GSL-SE block running NA) fully balanced and rotor weights matched , its standard practice in New Zealand when building motors.
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
best teacher ever ,profesor dahm!
jetr332 2 månader sedan
Best channel I’ve EVER come across
Jus Ski
Jus Ski 2 månader sedan
If he does anything over a 4 rotor, I'll lose my mind.
Danny 2 månader sedan
What the hell was the flying 🪰 noise
Tapzi 2 månader sedan
This is so satisfying to watch :O
pricey0986 2 månader sedan
It sounded like a steam engine getting up to speed when you were spinning that E-shaft lol Also surprised to see you using that oil pan
Cortnie Smith
Cortnie Smith 2 månader sedan
41:04 robs 3cyl hit and miss
Joseph White
Joseph White 2 månader sedan
This was so damn cool to watch. You're the goat Rob, kudos.
Bruce Handlon
Bruce Handlon 2 månader sedan
Rob, I want to buy one of your rotary engines. Please, sell one. :D
Fox 2 månader sedan
wtf this has 1 hour, it didnt feel like it :v amazing video
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 2 månader sedan
When you're confident you'll make 1000+ HP with an engine built with worn parts because the main test is on whether adding strength to key points of the engine is the purpose of this project. I do really hope this three rotor gets the proper attention later down the road. If this mishmash of worn and slightly unbalanced parts makes 1000+ HP, imagine if it were a properly built engine. Also waiting for the C8 rotary Corvette.
Bryan McGuire
Bryan McGuire 2 månader sedan
I love watching your videos but everytime I watch your videos I just feel stupid and dumb because I know nothing about rotary Motors but it is also interesting a neat to learn a rotary motor actually seems like it's easier to work on than a piston motor
p3rerang3 2 månader sedan
make sure you bolt things on in the propper patterns
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz 2 månader sedan
Rematch with hoonicorn please
Nisemono Yarou
Nisemono Yarou 2 månader sedan
What is that sexy favourite skippable song at 45:17? pls help For....Research....of Course...pls YOU PUT SEX IN MY EYES!! DAHM YOU ROB!
ben dover
ben dover 3 månader sedan
ryan jenkins
ryan jenkins 3 månader sedan
You need to talk to the Vargas brothers my man. Bullet proof that 20b
ryan jenkins
ryan jenkins 3 månader sedan
20 Gram difference absolutely is NOT next to nothing lmao...
jxt 3 månader sedan
I've watched your videos for a while and also have seen your thread back then. This whole time I never put 2 and 2 together and realize you were the same person lol.
awesomeness17dude 3 månader sedan
53:44 Arnold schwarzenegger made an appearance
Ru De
Ru De 3 månader sedan
🎉 you use a torque wrench. The next goal is the wright sequence of the bolds
Nathan Dean
Nathan Dean 3 månader sedan
why do idoits alway claim some thing is bullet proof. when its bullet resistant to what calibur? that the question.
Simon T
Simon T 3 månader sedan
Sorry y'all got valves n' shit lmao
Michael Arrington
Michael Arrington 3 månader sedan
DAHM 2024
Alexander Fields
Alexander Fields 3 månader sedan
great work!! try assembly grease it is super tacky.
Barrens chat
Barrens chat 3 månader sedan
The product you're looking for to keep metal from rusting while in storage is Jet Lube 12/34, I sprayed a head for a 32L Cat that had to be flown to site and the bag it was is I sprayed with 12/34, the site tech guy called the shop, asking what the product was, because it was in pristine shape, also on a side note 12/34 has millions of uses, gun oil, lube to protect other greases from absorbing moistures.
Didrik Saastad
Didrik Saastad 3 månader sedan
so fun to watch that i didnt realise it was almost an houre before next to the end
Floortile83 3 månader sedan
All the excitement Rob has when he talks about developing his rotaries... I imagine a surgeon speaking with the same excitement as he develops breast implants.
Wayne the Brain
Wayne the Brain 3 månader sedan
Amazing talent bro.
Dreadlockyx 3 månader sedan
14th of March is my birthday, so thank you for this, Rob.
Rogue Fabrication
Rogue Fabrication 3 månader sedan
Your welding has come so far in just a few months. Nice work Rob!!!
Scale Model Vamp
Scale Model Vamp 3 månader sedan
2023: Rob Dahm makes his own rotary engines in 10 seconds
Christian Navarro
Christian Navarro 3 månader sedan
46:32 stacking dimes NBD
Chris Woolvin
Chris Woolvin 3 månader sedan
can you do a single rotor small vehicle soon? pit bike or gocart maybe
ben dover
ben dover 3 månader sedan
Race the Hoonicorn again.
Long live king x
Long live king x 3 månader sedan
Yo camera guy u good af but we need that shitty camera work so it feels like a real rob dom vid
Corentin Itzel
Corentin Itzel 3 månader sedan
I watch this like I watch a netflix show
Jason Blankenship
Jason Blankenship 3 månader sedan
Sooooo much silicone
Jason Blankenship
Jason Blankenship 3 månader sedan
razorg 3 månader sedan
Dat poor Dell charger
E Clifton
E Clifton 3 månader sedan
Please make mention of the SEMA link for folks to sign the petition for the latest EPA regulations that would make this build and any other modifications illegal on a federal level.
opeope12 3 månader sedan
Rob dam it now I need to get my fc vert running.
First name
First name 3 månader sedan
all of the beans.
Isaiah Camarillo
Isaiah Camarillo 3 månader sedan
Dowels closing together: Rob: God thats so cool, you hear that, wow so cool
JOSE Valiente
JOSE Valiente 3 månader sedan
Call Vargas Make your life easier
joe tortora
joe tortora 3 månader sedan
One of ur best videos yet Rob. Rotary Don...
Abdul Elali
Abdul Elali 3 månader sedan
you my friend are an inspiration ! i love how any job can be done yourself even if it means failing a few times before getting it right. Knowledge is priceless and you can never have enough of it !
Auto Body Everything
Auto Body Everything 3 månader sedan
sounds beautiful
Chuck.U.Farley 3 månader sedan
Rob obviously doesnt understand stress risers
Yiffster owo
Yiffster owo 3 månader sedan
Why he look like realistic minecraft steve
Arshad Nizamdin
Arshad Nizamdin 3 månader sedan
Rob - “Fall or de-beed or some bullshit like that” I love when this man swears 😂😂
Auto Body Everything
Auto Body Everything 3 månader sedan
Why didnt you make a metal frame for the oil pan, something that looks like a gasket but it sits on the oil pan lip between the bolts and the pan? That way theres consistent pressure and not just where the bolts are mated and it wont stretch the pans mating surface.
Russell Walker
Russell Walker 3 månader sedan
That test indicator reads in .0005 half thousandths. Your end play was .00075. Just over a half thousandth.
Jonathan Elmer
Jonathan Elmer 3 månader sedan
So out of sheer curiosity why don’t you use full thread bolts?
sutiikotaa 3 månader sedan
What if you machine bloks to keep the mid iron and first cylinders in and rotate it on the bench? Could make sure you are not crushing seals and wouldn't need to guys to put it together.
Ryan 3 månader sedan
Rob, when are you going to get with Tavarish and help him with his rotary?
Jesus JCR Rotary
Jesus JCR Rotary 3 månader sedan
One thing I learned long ago is to never torque or remove tension bolts with the flywheel nut off. I hit the threads on there and ruined an e-shaft once.
Carlos Matos
Carlos Matos 3 månader sedan
Loquito killer he is the fastest 20b
Carlos Matos
Carlos Matos 3 månader sedan
Yo Rob check out Loquito killer is for all Rotary Engine
Ross 3 månader sedan
I have to say I've never been a huge fan of rotary cars until I started watching Rob's channel. This shit is fascinating, I can't get enough of it now. Any plans to paint the 4 rotor?
Jinan Hwasal
Jinan Hwasal 3 månader sedan
I sub when i watch your triumph after your parts got snatched make me not give up on my project.
Charles Lastname
Charles Lastname 3 månader sedan
Shouldn't you wear gloves when dealing with engine parts or does it not make a difference?
FLAT OUT FTW 3 månader sedan
This has to be the ongest epìsode yet! Nice :D
Micamicamico 3 månader sedan
jørgen rafaelsen
jørgen rafaelsen 3 månader sedan
I love your work rob. I work as a cnc machinist welder and mechanic at a shop and you litaraly do everything i love. So fun watching your videos would love to visit your shop one day!
JellyUK 3 månader sedan
Rob have you ever thought of using a 5 faced rota instead of a three - each rota then becomes the equivalent of 2.
BNRGTR32 radGTR 3 månader sedan
Rob u have a cnc use it or scan parts an download programs let it do it for u an learn electronicly lol
Daniel Bert
Daniel Bert 3 månader sedan
@robdahm Is this the same RX7 that had all those black widows in it?
Daniel Bert
Daniel Bert 3 månader sedan
Guy selling the iron: "You realize this iron is cracked right?" Rob: "Yeah cool. Im still gonna make 1000 hp with it." You're such a savage Rob.
Tacospaceman 3 månader sedan
Are you going to add to that 2 rotor series playlist you started 7 months ago? I like that idea a lot
Cameron Potts
Cameron Potts 3 månader sedan
He's tha bob Ross of rotors lmao ha ha Love Godlike yea ya ya :D
SeriouslyForgetIt 3 månader sedan
Excellent video
Ben Sinor
Ben Sinor 3 månader sedan
Looks like oil..hmmmm.
Ashley Rodrigues
Ashley Rodrigues 3 månader sedan
this engine build was therapeutic.
Andrew Sheh
Andrew Sheh 3 månader sedan
I see 54 minute video from Rob Dahm. I am HERE for the long video. All knowledge no BS!
ImNOKiA 3 månader sedan
I still don't understand why one of the sections is farther than the others. is it because you can't place an e-shaft without it? or is it just a wall and it doesn't affect anything? I may have missed the explanation of this
Jacob Gantz
Jacob Gantz 3 månader sedan
Really like the long-form video. It was great to be able to follow the whole process in one go.
KingOfNines 3 månader sedan
Rob! you should drive one of the RX7's to Some Valvoline oil change spots for a sponsored vid!
aurora2319 3 månader sedan
Rob going from apprentice mechanic to rotary engines guru in just about 3 years. And BTW teaches himself CNC to manufacture his parts. If this isn't an inspirational guy, I don't know who can be. Oh let's not forget the successful IT business he created by himself
Bare Fam Ting
Bare Fam Ting 3 månader sedan
I'm looking at getting a rotary engine to drop in my London Black Taxi... it's my first experience in rotary engines... should I just buy a blown motor, take it a part and learn from there? What would you recommend I start with?
Olim Pather
Olim Pather 3 månader sedan
Bugatti Veyron: You produce 1200 HP with that small kind of engine. Bugatti Veyron left the chat
Dirty Dog
Dirty Dog 3 månader sedan
I'm not even a rotary guy, but god damn this is fun to watch.
Graeme Andrews
Graeme Andrews 3 månader sedan
Totally awsonne even i felt satisfied!!
Sammy Turbo
Sammy Turbo 3 månader sedan
Semi pp engine i think i would balance and lighten and scallop the rotors, for higher reving.
Jaydrum1991 3 månader sedan
oh MAN that sounds good, super jealous of even working on something like that, so sick!
J C 3 månader sedan
Congrats rob! You have done amazing work and provided great content. Amazing. You have come so far
Goodballa 3 månader sedan
When you say it's because of, "Valvoline" the oil pressure for your credibility drops instantly to zero. You instantly start rod knocking. Keep this in mind you insanely talented and potentially full on mad scientist... credibility is important. I'm vomiting in my mouth right now, due to the disgust that has been shoved in it. Do better on the marketing front, please? I know, it's more complex than that...blah...blah...blah. Unless you mean Valvoline paid for everything the I doubt they did a damn thing in all reality.
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Disrespected Evo "A New Hope" (Tik Tik Boom)
Min Fakking Bror
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Funny Penalty Kicks #2
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