I race the Hoonicorn with my 1300 HP+ AWD RX-7! Full Send!

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Rob Dahm

6 månader sedan


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Stormy Dag sedan
wait did he say belle delphine?
Stormy 11 dagar sedan
bro for real the side shots of those cars launching they legit squat and YEET
trillrif axegrindor
trillrif axegrindor 24 dagar sedan
rob needs a trailer for those ice cooled,titanium balls
2JDM Månad sedan
Good that the tire spun on the rim to take up some of the torque, because if it didn't, maybe something else in the Drive train would have broken instead.
2JDM Månad sedan
Rob that was an insane race. Just need to work on your launch. But you could see the rx7 reeling him towards the end. Higher top speed.
J RA 2 månader sedan
Proud of you, man.
Guns Cars and Digits
Guns Cars and Digits 2 månader sedan
The Hoonicorn is assembled with a lot of technical support and resources. Rob did it all on his own. That's full send right there.
Eric Dian
Eric Dian 2 månader sedan
Dude you're bloody insane. Big thumbs up for the race, and for the build, it is bloody insane.
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 2 månader sedan
Clearly gear ratios are looking wide spaced on the Rx7 compared to Ralley car setup on Hoonicorn
Marvin 2 månader sedan
""Go watch that now" - no link in the description
SeppuKun 2 månader sedan
That's insane that the tyres actually spin out from the rims itself. Massive power!
Jack Magnium
Jack Magnium 2 månader sedan
the issue is the launch on your car is way too much for the rim and tire combo you currently have. my best advice is to get a set of beadlocks(it may just spin but i really dont know) 4 rotor
Michael K
Michael K 3 månader sedan
did those oil vials ever go on sale? thats cool
Sachith Antony
Sachith Antony 3 månader sedan
I can't wait to see rob beat the hoonicorn. I know that its possible , just a matter of time . Good luck bro
Rychy 3 månader sedan
"yo no perdí esta batalla, gane al hacer sangrar a dios"
as role
as role 3 månader sedan
Rob I have no words how much love I have for you. You are an absolute symbol of the car scene. Watching what you do to cars is as much awesome (if not more) than watching what Elon does to rockets.
Austin Guy
Austin Guy 4 månader sedan
Dude that’s amazing
Alan Here
Alan Here 4 månader sedan
Why didn't yall switch up lanes? That was amazing!!!!
Aaron D
Aaron D 4 månader sedan
Rob, that car is beautiful. It looks menacing!
Stasz 4 månader sedan
2:49 I shot the sheriff
Charles Elswick
Charles Elswick 4 månader sedan
All with a homemade driveshaft!
Laexeus 5 månader sedan
I just found out your channel rob. Keep it up. That rx7 is a beauty XD. Can't wait to see the rematch when she is done
Lukman Hakim
Lukman Hakim 5 månader sedan
came here from the Hoonigan video, just to say u did great! congrats! it put me on smile the whole race! keep going sir!
Joker 5 månader sedan
hoonican bloodwater lol
11 5 månader sedan
Rob takes another L
RACEDREAMS 2.0 5 månader sedan
This was the best race the hoonicorn has seen
A Frog
A Frog 5 månader sedan
"That`s not supposed to happen" Magic pocket saw to the rescue ;)
Ted Muskadeli
Ted Muskadeli 5 månader sedan
Dahm good shit
DSArtcouk 5 månader sedan
Congrats man, inspiring story and what a beauty that car is!
thisguy177 5 månader sedan
even losing he won. what a great guy hopefully his car works out and i wish him luck. he seems humble and respectful
Queequeg 5 månader sedan
Now we know why OEMs latch their hoods in the frontmost part, I guess. Awesome achievement and very promising outlook for this project!
King elete
King elete 5 månader sedan
theres something differnt with a 4 rotor brap
Kenneth James
Kenneth James 5 månader sedan
Gotta like how the guys from Hoonigan are out there helping you too...that's sportsmanship.
Shreesh Vijaya Kumar
Shreesh Vijaya Kumar 4 månader sedan
True man. Especially Scotto who was still praising him for the fact that this is his first time driving the car and he's proud of him for keeping up with the Hoonicorn. The others were just kinda like Hoonicorn simps xD
Jonathan Seaman
Jonathan Seaman 5 månader sedan
Your race with the Hoonicorn was easily my favorite of the hoonicorn drag races
Wazo 5 månader sedan
that poor rx7 lol shit is crazy
HeadlessVulture 5 månader sedan
Holy shit dude, you look 10 years older than when you started this build, like president Obama after his 2 terms, the job has taken it's toll
Wasp _2k
Wasp _2k 5 månader sedan
Seeing your love and passion for that Beast of a car ... definitely made me want to work on my s2000 Again thanks 😎
Ginko Bagus prahara
Ginko Bagus prahara 5 månader sedan
Brian Salas
Brian Salas 5 månader sedan
the car keeps giving problems just junk it fuck ur dreams
Vega Motor Werkz
Vega Motor Werkz 5 månader sedan
I think you forgot to close the hood pins...
Elias Leyva
Elias Leyva 5 månader sedan
Next episode Hoonicorn vs 350hp Honda Civic. What a joke
iDMAXi 6 månader sedan
Well done Rob, now get some sleep. Rematch is comming
Chet Klapprodt
Chet Klapprodt 6 månader sedan
You have had the best run IMO against Ken and the Hoonicorn! Was glad to see someone give him a run! Get all the bugs out and it will be the one to take the Hoonicorn down!
Ramone Green
Ramone Green 6 månader sedan
Congratulations g life changing inspiration unu give grateful
Jay Sea
Jay Sea 6 månader sedan
Where do we pour the unicorn blood? Gas tank, oil, ...? Or are we supposed to drink it? Also, is the 1400hp guaranteed?
flakey 6 månader sedan
17:20 "yeah, yeah, yeah..." nods and smiles that's what we like to see
xProRenegade 6 månader sedan
i think Ken beeped and booped on that last run. Hoonicorn was sounding angry.
anthony earl
anthony earl 6 månader sedan
the rim spin is crazy. If turn up launch control, it would go even farther
Kris I.
Kris I. 6 månader sedan
Drive the rx7 enjoy it and occasionally beat on it but it's too nice to destroy
DeCesare Family
DeCesare Family 6 månader sedan
Rob is a good guy
ronald graham
ronald graham 6 månader sedan
Was this during drift week. I mean.. I feel Hert needed to be there.
Max Gabriel
Max Gabriel 6 månader sedan
Please please please bring this to the 2021 dream cruise.... you know you want to 😉
Boomtowndogs 6 månader sedan
Rob, I began following you and this build in high school and I’m a year graduated from college. Been a pleasure following you and this build; every upload is a testament to how far you’ve come. Your ability to have a vision and execute is insane. I look up to you like you look up to Ken! Hope to meet you and see the build one day
Amir Pomen
Amir Pomen 6 månader sedan
Rematch! And looks like u need beadlocker wheels on all 4 corner!
perry johnson
perry johnson 6 månader sedan
Super Proud of you and your team,you have a great and down to earth quality rare in this day and age!I live in France but I am from the Bayarea.Looking forward to your next adventure!and have a happy holiday and new year!Peace
Asad Shoaib
Asad Shoaib 6 månader sedan
This is awesome, I am so happy for you. All those years of wait and hype and this car lived up to everything.
Simon Esland
Simon Esland 6 månader sedan
Did the RX-7 suffer dahmage? (Dad jokes rule!)
Swaby swab
Swaby swab 6 månader sedan
Ken Block shifting that Hoonicorn like its a 2 stroke motorcycle
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 6 månader sedan
The car wants to be a Leroy not a Hoonicorn
Chaman Kudmarbettu
Chaman Kudmarbettu 6 månader sedan
10:30 if you lose : "Monica"
Eric M.
Eric M. 6 månader sedan
Watched you on Hoonigan, fantastic! Loved the energy. My favorite part, your engine didn't miss a beat .... but you left 1/2 your car spread all over the highway by the end of round 3! It looked like Ken was having some engine trouble too. When's the rematch? Ken needs to take care of all that blue smoke and you need about 4 rolls of duct tape to keep the windows in and the fenders on!
Devin Jones
Devin Jones 6 månader sedan
You can hear it in his voice that he was holding back tears of excitement at 17:30, shits awesome. Congrats man. You have way more to go
Brad 6 månader sedan
Rob is the most humble man in the World lol
Eric Prosch-Jensen
Eric Prosch-Jensen 6 månader sedan
I'm so happy for you, that was amazing. Ken's face when you explained the pixel counting... Priceless. Inspiring reverse engineering all over the world. Stay safe out there. Nobody can say, you don't push the limits!
KEITH'S OUTDOOR LIFE 6 månader sedan
You are amazing Rob..tons of respect to you..
Travis Hill
Travis Hill 6 månader sedan
Need a closer 1/2
Travis Hill
Travis Hill 6 månader sedan
Really should have swapped cars
Timelapse - A418A
Timelapse - A418A 6 månader sedan
on the website is says that the Hoonicorn blood comes with the first 1000 orders that are $70+. How do I know if I'm one one the 1000?
Mark Miller
Mark Miller 6 månader sedan
You mix oil with the gas to help lube the apex/side seals in the engine?
Axel Cortez
Axel Cortez 6 månader sedan
you were on the verge of crying the whole video lol, you seem so proud
Fnyx M4F
Fnyx M4F 6 månader sedan
faaaaq man...... now i have to sub to you. YOU GOT MY RESPECT
J4Berg 6 månader sedan
I have been subscribed from near the beginning of your channel and its so awesome to see how far you have come. I am looking forward to everything that is yet to come! Keep up the amazing work man!
MIDBC1 MIDBC1 6 månader sedan
Once Rob gets everything ironed out the Hoonicorn is in serious trouble.......Ken better get Hoonicorn 2 on the drafting table cause Rob is gonna smoke his ass
ThatWhite _EkTho
ThatWhite _EkTho 6 månader sedan
You shift so slow that’s why you lost
Sarkis Tellalyan
Sarkis Tellalyan 6 månader sedan
Just wanna mention; if you turn on the closed captions, the sound of the engine is being classified as music. That's awesome.
Master of the Access
Master of the Access 6 månader sedan
You did amazing man, single man team vs a multi million dollar team showed how you rocked it!
KYOHH MUSIC 6 månader sedan
great effort can't wait to see you run it back when both you and the 4rotor are dialled in
GermanGameAdviser 6 månader sedan
he finna pull through
brakmaster 6 månader sedan
Dude the race was amazing. You were almost there bud. Once you dial it in it's going to be amazing. And you were up against Ken Block which shows that there's very few people around the world that would ever come close to you!
Joey Rinaldi
Joey Rinaldi 6 månader sedan
bro idc what anyone says...i don’t know if you’ll see this but if by chance you do, just know i am so proud of you dude. your work absolutely amazes me. my dream car is an rx7 and i can’t wait to import one day and just study it inside and out and teach myself just like how you thought yourself. also those hoonicorn blood vile’s are absolutely sick! great work rob, you truly are amazing brother.
giorgos trentos
giorgos trentos 6 månader sedan
he also wants a second turbine because it eats a lot of lag
Nathan Macpherson
Nathan Macpherson 6 månader sedan
should call it the "Dahm rotor"
aserta 6 månader sedan
14:52 Dahm might be our collective dad, but we know who the mom is...
Wade Preston
Wade Preston 6 månader sedan
Watched the hoonigan video the other day you and your team have done a great job👌
Brayden 6 månader sedan
This video is the literal definition of “chase your dreams” 👌
Gopal Yadav
Gopal Yadav 6 månader sedan
man that was the best race in the whole hoonigan world series
Cord R
Cord R 6 månader sedan
Wheres the guy who commented and said to not use those hood latches? If rob seen that comment it could have saved some damage. But now we just get more awesome content.
Joshua Watson
Joshua Watson 6 månader sedan
Australian GTR Skylines would pump both these 2 cars. Still very cool
Benny Gregory
Benny Gregory 6 månader sedan
This videos makes me so happy seeing Rob finally accomplished his dream
Matt Bear
Matt Bear 6 månader sedan
Hell yah, been waiting to see it run for a long time. Can'y wait to see what it can do after some real dial in runs.
Jay Vog
Jay Vog 6 månader sedan
Congratulations on building the most extreme rotary vehicle that I've seen.
Hakapik 6 månader sedan
My father owns a retired mid 1990's NHRA funny car.. ran 236 and Dad said he was not even trying to go fast. If I bring that will you race me for pink slips?
Maxime Vhw
Maxime Vhw 6 månader sedan
gonna need some beadlock wheels with some sticky meat :p this is gonna be so fast when you get it dialed in
King Ave Garage
King Ave Garage 6 månader sedan
Rob, well done. You built that pretty much on your own, and its not even 100% I say rematch when its complete. The Hoonicorn was built by a Multimillion $ budget garage.
J Slater AU
J Slater AU 6 månader sedan
just a lil bit of PDR and some mang mang testing and he's got this race in the bag.
Jacopo Skydweller
Jacopo Skydweller 6 månader sedan
21:21 Great, Rob is gonna start selling his 4 rotor's version of Gamer Girl Bath Water. 2 minutes later, called it. I KNEW as soon as I saw the bottle what was going to happen :D
Devon Pennartz
Devon Pennartz 6 månader sedan
With the captions on when the 4 rotor is running it says "Music", its not wrong
BWAvent 6 månader sedan
RX7 FTW best car ever f.. of the Ford concern car.
graham0599 6 månader sedan
Someone may have already suggested but try and not use lube when mounting tires. Common trick drift guys use for running low pressures
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 6 månader sedan
Dont even mention belle delpine thats a stain for anyones reputation at this point
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