I take the FIRST step to making my own rotary engine parts.

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Rob Dahm

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soside619 19 dagar sedan
Rob opening the tool holder, reamer, and bit with one hand at the edge of the table just raises my anxiety level. For special tooling, I've ordered from Pan American Tool Corporation. May want to look on their website. 👍🇺🇸
supersevenn 26 dagar sedan
Rob....is it possible when building the engine, to make the dowel holes so close in tolerance to the dowels that you can freeze the dowels to have them shrink enough to fit in the hole? Is that a viable option? so that the dowels are almost pressed in
Blackner2424 Månad sedan
That may have been Rob's smoothest sponsor segway ever.
MF11283 Månad sedan
I didn't even notice your herpes till you put the text on the screen, then I had to watch it 4 times to see your herpes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Guns Cars and Digits
Guns Cars and Digits 2 månader sedan
Rob Dahm looks like a young John Peters. Went from cabinetry, to machining rotary engine parts. Darn whippersnapper.
Kevin Garren
Kevin Garren 2 månader sedan
Ok your a super dork man lol. But very cool video 😎!
Anthony N
Anthony N 2 månader sedan
So many uneducated rotor fanatics on here... The Rob Dahm fan boys club..! All learning together you fellas..! Lmao...
Tyler Abell
Tyler Abell 2 månader sedan
Rob "overestimate lets say eh... 8 inches"
Michal Kněžek
Michal Kněžek 2 månader sedan
I had no idea that drilling hole is that much interesting
aschnaub1 2 månader sedan
Spot, drill, circle mill, ream/bore. Most accurate process you will ever produce.
Carter Shutler
Carter Shutler 3 månader sedan
Rob when the local Napa asks is it a 4 or 6 cylinder did you just assume my engine?!?!?!
Christopher Wright
Christopher Wright 3 månader sedan
Australia is metric but utilising both imperial & metric gives a much better idea. Using collet chucks & m/c drills with Morse tapers & matching Arbors wherever you can, Centre drilling first(always), drilling in stages up to allowance for reamer, locking table sideways before starting the cut. Short series whenever you can & lots of coolant/oil 0.1mm allowance for reamer & even 0.001mm dial gauges on table when cutting to see any movement. Always making sure temperature of material doesn't rise. 20.5 degrees Celsius when measuring. I see many not measureing temperature before measuring work. Good stuff for me as skills have to be honed & tested for my own confidence. Cheers & hope any suggestions help. You look & sound more than capable. Cheers
Miles Lee
Miles Lee 3 månader sedan
I’m willing to buy 20b engine from you... I wish you make chance to many people who suffer from the price and parts doing 20b swap.. $15000 for 20b is crazy.
andremichel69 3 månader sedan
You should invest in a boring head kit. D'Andrea makes a great kit.
John Calma
John Calma 3 månader sedan
Rob can/will you share the CMM/CADCAM data? Can it be purchased?
thomson himes
thomson himes 3 månader sedan
Can you please address the EPA trying to kill our car culture and community and some of our lives if you do not know the EPA is trying to ban everything car related including tuning, boost and many other things. We are under attack we need to address this now before it becomes too late. We can counter this if we gain Support for the RPM act the link to SEMA's page on it is listed below. Please give support so we can keep the car culture alive. To give your voice and save this thing we love go to www.sema.org/epa-news
081588101 3 månader sedan
I think you can call yourself an automotive engineer by now.
Lucas Weinzierl
Lucas Weinzierl 3 månader sedan
Deutschland war im Video. Leute der Kommentarbereich gehört jetzt uns.
Millbostropobator 3 månader sedan
OMG... This security cam footage is... I Feel bad if i laugh about this mishaps.
Kevin Hufford
Kevin Hufford 3 månader sedan
Are you looking to have your new creations modeled into SolidWorks? I own my own software.
Quentin Fuselier
Quentin Fuselier 3 månader sedan
A “jobber” drill bit mainly refers to the length in modern times. And, if the fit between the dowel pins and crank case holes were within .001” you wouldn’t be able to slide them in and out. I do love your cars though, good work.
Charles Schwab
Charles Schwab 3 månader sedan
I wonder what a Dahm rotary is gonna cost and if he’s gonna go in and build code to cut billet replacements for the Renesis 2? I would buy a full Dahm renesis 2 replacement for my R3 and turbo the f*** out of it.
Manuel Mayer
Manuel Mayer 3 månader sedan
You know that you could actually mill these holes 😂😂
Bart de Groot
Bart de Groot 3 månader sedan
next.... all copper ringed gaskets for atleas 4 bar boost pressure...
Alex Chapman
Alex Chapman 3 månader sedan
I love nerdy stuff like this. Awesome.
No Thanks
No Thanks 3 månader sedan
Just a heads up Jobber drills are shorter length drills that walk less than a standard drill.
kubeek 3 månader sedan
Why did you steal glasses from my grandpa?
ColtonH 3 månader sedan
That intro to the keeps HAAHAAHAH im dying im sorry that happened though
Scotty H
Scotty H 3 månader sedan
Hello from Haas F1!
Trent Thinks
Trent Thinks 3 månader sedan
I got keeps just for rob.
Michael Leone
Michael Leone 3 månader sedan
you and Fireball Tools YT should collab on some of these parts, he has some Siiick super accurate tools
Alex Acosta
Alex Acosta 3 månader sedan
So when you coming out with robtary precision billet engines for sale
Sumo Mike
Sumo Mike 3 månader sedan
And the winner goes to!! "sadly it might be long but it is Not thick" hahaha. jokes aside this is so cool!
Robert Jones
Robert Jones 3 månader sedan
Rob says "How do you polish a hole?" Answer "Just ask my girlfriend"
Monkey Base
Monkey Base 3 månader sedan
Tavarish needs you :)
Gordon Mcgregor
Gordon Mcgregor 3 månader sedan
I wonder if you could put a thread on the rods and a corresponding thread in the larger iron parts, would require some calcs to get it all lined up but with the longer engines might help clamp the sections better. Of course I may be talking out of my exhaust :)
AUSTIN 3 månader sedan
god damnit rob stop misusing terminology
Cole Corbin
Cole Corbin 3 månader sedan
Drill and reem
Luke Shehigian
Luke Shehigian 3 månader sedan
“That’s a pretty good hole” -papa Rob, 2021
Christopher Lenahan
Christopher Lenahan 3 månader sedan
Spiral fluted reamers may help you avoid chip pileups at the bottom of blind holes.
dave barton
dave barton 3 månader sedan
Is that a renishaw probe ?
Neyman 3 månader sedan
Inb4 he starts making gearboxes
Darryl Cavanaugh
Darryl Cavanaugh 3 månader sedan
Find a way to contact me. I can get you any combo of reamer you need. Consider using piloted reamer’s for your final sizing, to maintain your positioning. With your tooling, a pilot of the existing hole size will help eliminate the runout you are concerned about. Tell me what you need, and I can make it happen. Thrilled watching your enthusiasm for the rotary. My first car was a one-owner 73 Rx2 coupe. I had it for 30 years, and sold it to a NZ enthusiast, so it could live on. I ran out of sources for parts and expertise. I guess I bailed out about 6 years too soon! Keep going!
Darryl Cavanaugh
Darryl Cavanaugh 3 månader sedan
I can get you double margin drills to get you started, and then core drills to get you to the reaming phase, so you are not making such large cuts from the start, which should equal less variance. There is always another way to get where you want to be! I drill large holes, using hand drills, that require .001 tolerances, for a living. With your equipment, it should be a cake walk!
Jim Daniel
Jim Daniel 3 månader sedan
Fascinating! Excellent tutorial. You have crossed over to true nerd city!
Zach Fitzgerald
Zach Fitzgerald 3 månader sedan
Machinist basics 101 I'm so hype to watch this all unfold
Mas TeX
Mas TeX 3 månader sedan
every machinist just cringed when rob rotated the reamer against it's cut direction. If you do that often you break the cutting edge.
Cesario martins dias
Cesario martins dias 3 månader sedan
hello im cesar i have a question the facts from the car and all what you gays make eniting can give pleas in the gays wo is work whit my tim you brother is bath whit me and shi want the car you nao:)
Gidgets & Gazmos
Gidgets & Gazmos 3 månader sedan
You can start building and machining your own engines!!!!! This is Awesome!!!! Next episode, the world's first side by side 10 rotor?
KB9OAK 3 månader sedan
I would not call what I used to do "precision" fabrication, but I would always drill each hole 3 times, working up in size each time. I didn't have precise tooling, so I improvised.
Bence Gábor Slezák
Bence Gábor Slezák 3 månader sedan
The keeps ads are just getting better every time!
Wind of change
Wind of change 3 månader sedan
Rob becoming more and more legit everyday, from rotary nerd to custom parts manufactuer. Just imagine when Rob starts supporting other builders with his own parts, awesome stuff.
Javier Avalos
Javier Avalos 3 månader sedan
Me watching robs videos pretending to understand all the numbers he saying.... MiLl GoEs BrRRrRr
Adam 3 månader sedan
Mr. Dahm you should link up with Tavarish he is building a Mazda rotary engine. That would be an awesome.
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley 3 månader sedan
Rob dont use them wobbly ass tables for your motor! Please for the love of rotarys.
John Family
John Family 3 månader sedan
Bro, use a reamer after the hole is drilled.
byteme285 3 månader sedan
Rob stop thing of that milling machine as a High dollar drill press! The thing will make perfectly round holes, you first drill a smaller hole, big enough for the milling bit you going to use to fit in, then you program the mill to take out all the remaining in material out in steps to under .05, then you make one final pass to size using long fluted tool bit in one cut. I've been a machinist my whole life and when these CNC machines came out we all had to change the way we did things, and once you learn how to use them you can mill stuff to within .003+/- with very simple programming. I wish I was close to help out. Also, I haven't seen which software you are using to program with, or if you even have one. If you don't get one, programming by hand on the console is the hardest way and also the easiest way to make mistakes. GibbsCAM CAD/CAM is what I would suggest if you don't have one, if you do have one let me know what it is, and I'll see about getting it or going over it to see its features. Might be able to do some side programming for you.
lousbits 3 månader sedan
I hope you're talking to Ernie Brink if you are going to make your own engines.
Collin Everett
Collin Everett 3 månader sedan
is there not a torque rating for that tool holder for that screw that you should be using a torque screwdriver for?
Texan Nationalist
Texan Nationalist 3 månader sedan
one day people will say "how the hell did you afford a dahm motor"
J. R
J. R 3 månader sedan
So many numbers my brain hurts
tim watz
tim watz 3 månader sedan
You're not a "Countryist" we Germans love it, when people from around the globe appreciate our precision technology. If I've learnt anything from living here my entire life and my experience in tech highschool, it's that if there's a very niche technology product, that only about a hundred people in the world could be interested in, a German company probably makes it and it probably has no serious competition.
tim watz
tim watz 3 månader sedan
You are really the Brandon Herrera of CarTube.
Ricky Malinowski
Ricky Malinowski 3 månader sedan
I work for a company that manufacturers high precision cutting tool its called M.A. Ford MFG. definitely check us if you want high precision cutting tools
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff 3 månader sedan
Couldn't watch the whole thing, you need to hire a real machinist. Or at the very least call a reputable tool company like Guhring and get the proper tools for making holes. You need to leave the proper amount f material for a reamer and feed it at the proper speed to achieve the desired size. You are not close.
goiZ 3 månader sedan
now rob doesnt have to worry about pesky delivery companies who might like the look of his engine shaped packages
Jengan Racing
Jengan Racing 3 månader sedan
In the end of the code use "G91 G28 Z0 Y0" makes the table come to you. If you want you can divide the code into two movements if you are close to the part. "G91 G28 Z0", "G91 G28 Y0"
Zonkobel 3 månader sedan
never turn a reamer backwards!!! By the way im pretty sure its a 16H7 or H6 hole. So with an 16.00 reamer it would be perfect fine.
Aron Bennett
Aron Bennett 3 månader sedan
Quick tip: Spot hole Pre-drill to .01 undersized Drill .001 to .002 under nominal Finally ream to final size.
MultiNillz 3 månader sedan
I just hate how you use approximately...just measure first then use...and just use metric if you need precise measurements. The imperial stuff is just overly confusing and useless.
JUSKENZ 3 månader sedan
G Code for the Win
Meatsweats 3 månader sedan
and this is what happens when you want the best and no one that you can find makes it.
J. Pročka
J. Pročka 3 månader sedan
Just so you guys know: Rob's long-term vision is to start his own rotary supercar company.
Tommy Nordin
Tommy Nordin 3 månader sedan
Need some shrink fit holders
Garret Gillespie
Garret Gillespie 3 månader sedan
Yo Rob I can change tires and shit hit me up I need job plz
Tasquizz Taylor
Tasquizz Taylor 3 månader sedan
why's it got a haas logo on it at the start of the video
Thalix 3 månader sedan
I loved working on the HAAS, terrible tool changers if it was dirty, but everything else was great, well the coil style chip auger was terrible unless the material was literally 1mm chips. I ran a lot of older model HAAS FANUC style machines. Your tool selection I'm jealous of, you're production quality now!
Justin'z SRT8
Justin'z SRT8 3 månader sedan
That was a stupid ass place to put a $60,000 engine. On a flemsy plastic table. Come on.
kenny padykula
kenny padykula 3 månader sedan
Could of used a .5 4fl endmill an interpolated the hole. But I don't no how tight you have to hold your position of the holes.
John Kenny
John Kenny 3 månader sedan
"I like to overestimate the length - we're gonna say it's 8 inches" Me too, Rob...me too.
DeHaas 3 månader sedan
titanium 4 rotor??????????
Mitch greeno
Mitch greeno 3 månader sedan
I am a fan of shrink fit collets and I get extremely low(so low I have nothing that accurate in shop to measure it) run out, also tool length is a big factor in accurately drilling holes
old dudE BiCyclINg
old dudE BiCyclINg 3 månader sedan
"i want perfect" lol
Sean B
Sean B 3 månader sedan
protator 3 månader sedan
@Rob 13:58 Grabbing an end mill like that and yanking on it you're one step away from a trip to the ER. Only hold them at the shaft and whenever possible wear proper kevlar gloves.
Ed Finnerty
Ed Finnerty 3 månader sedan
Rob that’s still going to run out like crazy drilling with an endmill. Go boring bar or circle interpolate with an endmill after pre drilling the hole to get the stock out.
asambi69 3 månader sedan
Aren't you just assuming the holes are accurate in the part your using for measurements?. They could be off?.
aw11 3 månader sedan
you have to do it yourself!
DJ Garrison
DJ Garrison 3 månader sedan
Yeah I see that new fender on the 4 rotor. You can't hide from me
Hyde Whyte
Hyde Whyte 3 månader sedan
Per Adam Booth .. never turn your reams backwards
Cyco Smile
Cyco Smile 3 månader sedan
I'm so glad I'm not the only one 😅. When I was rebuilding my 12a for my FB my plates dominoed too.
Ti M
Ti M 3 månader sedan
Take a shot every time Rob says hole. 🕳️
Niklas Hultkrantz
Niklas Hultkrantz 3 månader sedan
This a little basic over explaining. 2 stroke stuffing shimming the guardrail on the different axels x and a and. Yto get the right tolerance in the play.. Way more entertaining and insightful. He I also preparing to machine engine parts.
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe 3 månader sedan
19:18 please go slowly with the reamer
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe 3 månader sedan
2:05 im guessing a Ream because I used those at college for boring exact holes
Broo_sh 3 månader sedan
16:55 jeeves shittie tools its not rocket sciens
Broo_sh 3 månader sedan
there is dial pins lathe or drill press just drill it close and use reamer in end to get it right and key is at you drill it little by little its same what kinda drill heads you have all tools have their tiny tricks to make it optimal
Dalai's DramaLama
Dalai's DramaLama 3 månader sedan
No you are not making a "billet" iron! Because like so many other parrots you don't even know what billet really means and why it is the most misused word in all the tuning car communities around the world. And like the other parrots you just keep spreading nonsense.
sprinten8 3 månader sedan
those high feed protection moves on that probe had me clenching my butt cheeks, also why did it orient when probing one of the holes? that would technically give you some grey area since it should probe the holes at the exact orientation that you calibrated the ruby at.
Broo_sh 3 månader sedan
you must learn and watch videos where they talk about tools and drilling and rest of cnc and lathe stuff
Fabiek10 3 månader sedan
Uuuuu, another milestone! ;-) good work!
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