Machining the 3 Rotor for 1200 HP. Taking things up a notch.

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Rob Dahm

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Kyle Keogh
Kyle Keogh 3 månader sedan
Rob Dahm about to get a cease and desist from Frito-Lay for making his own Doritos.
Scared Hamster
Scared Hamster 3 månader sedan
@cncaliguy09 ?
cncaliguy09 3 månader sedan
I hope you can stuff. I would by a rotor engine made by you in a heart beat.
Jay Strum
Jay Strum 3 månader sedan
Was wondering where you went Where I went Where we all are How yah been
Armand Laurin
Armand Laurin 3 månader sedan
aserta 3 månader sedan
Ya'll laugh, but one day, Rob's gonna turn up the dorito factory, and chips are gonna fly out of the exhaust.
Josh Man
Josh Man 9 dagar sedan
What about a NASCAR transmission
Josh Man
Josh Man 10 dagar sedan
This is What Ideal Rotar Gears are like: Machining
Arden Kroesbergen
Arden Kroesbergen 15 dagar sedan
When he said "aluminum buck plug" I thought he said something else...
Elvis Nazario
Elvis Nazario Månad sedan
Hello Bro. I have a question..... What’s the best oil I can use for my Three Rotor stock not ported ..... But have a single turbo ... What kind oil and “BRAND” you recommend me for my motor ?
Vu Tran
Vu Tran Månad sedan
We all are watching Rob's channel waiting for his perfection in 4rotors is like watching Discovery for loch ness. We know at the end of the video, there's no loch ness, but yet we have to watch it on the next episode just in case they find it, just like Rob. 😁
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 2 månader sedan
A socket would have been fine as a bearing pusher right?
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 2 månader sedan
How do your centre the plates on the cnc machine so it drills perfectly centered?
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 2 månader sedan
Daan 2 månader sedan
Just asking, what happened to his 4 rotor?
Kester 135
Kester 135 2 månader sedan
quick question seeing as you have the cnc machine why don't you take 1k-2k off the iron faces to remove that step?
Anthony N
Anthony N 2 månader sedan
No freezing the bearing to make it easier, no lube... NO IDEA..!
Anthony N
Anthony N 2 månader sedan
So you think throwing a new huge garret turbo on and just feeding it boost is going to make HP..? Do you have a torque figure, or where you want power to come on and how the curve of that power is produced..? So many factors you are missing, such as size and shape of inlet porting, the exhaust ports and how they are shaped/ported. Whether you port them upwards or down and the size will greatly determine your power curve. You have a lot to learn in terms of what will make more power easily, and what will hold you back.
Anthony N
Anthony N 2 månader sedan
No ROB... The manufacture of those 4 rotor shafts from NZ are out on the fazing. TDC won't be precise, its what is flogging bearings and will kill the 4 rotor..!!! IM GETTING SICK OF TRYING TO TELL YOU..! The 4 rotor shafts are not to spec..!
Anthony N
Anthony N 2 månader sedan
Most power for a triple rotor 1000 HP... What planet are you on Rob, are you up to speed on what's happening in the world...? Guys are making 1500+ HP from 13B's/ 2 rotors..! You really talk some stupid shit..!
Anthony N
Anthony N 2 månader sedan
EMS has numbers and pretty colours on it.... everything must be good..! Lmao.....
Chase Gurganious
Chase Gurganious 2 månader sedan
Don't peck with a reamer, spindle speed should be half of the speed of the drill and feed twice as fast. Also you should be helical ramp milling and not reaming at all, then you can adjust your diameter and slowly get it exactly where you want it.
tajelly 2 månader sedan
You need to machine a fixture plate with pins sticking up in stock oem locations so you can drop a stock housing on your mill and fire away. You will then have perfectly aligned dowel pin holes
Robert Irvine
Robert Irvine 3 månader sedan
This series should be called "The Art of Drilling a Hole" by Rob Dahm.
Nisch 3 månader sedan
So am I seeing this correctly that you're using the Renishaw probe to reverse engineer everything?
JOHN LUBURIC 3 månader sedan
rob love your work keep it up. max from Australia
Auto Body Everything
Auto Body Everything 3 månader sedan
My man looking brave right there with that carbide bit on the 180 degree die grinder and no tape on the rotor plate woe... Mannnn I tell you IM a pro at the things I do best but I ALWAYS take precaution protocols bcs imo a pro isnt just about the odds you may or may not make a mistake... its about the guarantee of never making a mistake. Hmmmm EDIT: I noticed he used tape but that was later down the line lol...... You know what they say, ppl always use tape AFTER something gets messed up lol. I didnt see anything but I have a feeling something got nicked or scratched bcs he wasnt using tape in the beginning.
Auto Body Everything
Auto Body Everything 3 månader sedan
I love rotaries but Im bot a rotary owner so Im learning a lot. Too bad I have not seen this level of mechanical fabrication for 4 cylinder or just piston motors bcs thats more what I mess with. I love the education here Im learning lots but I cannot apply it to inline piston applications.
Thatguywithnopancreas 3 månader sedan
You'd be proud if how far I have come on my 10thAE 2nd gen,nothing like you but us white guys gotta rep as much as we can lol
Kristoffer Linder
Kristoffer Linder 3 månader sedan
27:53 It's a B... earing!
A- XISTH 3 månader sedan
Hey Rob, are the ports that you are porting now the same as on the 3rotor before it died ?
Nendo Crescendo
Nendo Crescendo 3 månader sedan
Rob need to look into work holding and making fixtures. When you get good efficient work holding, you can bust out identical processes and pars quicker and easier. Soon enough you’ll be fully making your own housings and irons!!
Cathal Owens
Cathal Owens 3 månader sedan
I keep thinking that the damn 3 rotor soumds like a fcking RB26 😂😂😂
Michael Mackaman
Michael Mackaman 3 månader sedan
You should really collaborate with Tavarish on that three rotor he is putting in a ferrari
Isaac Wilson
Isaac Wilson 3 månader sedan
“I’m cutting into a virgin *big pause*” Rob -Dahm 2021
Marcus Nilsson
Marcus Nilsson 3 månader sedan
stop going 100% rapid on first try like wtf you gonna fuck the machine soon
james 3 månader sedan
should be shallow, proceeds to use the full length of his shaft.... perfection
d3amonicus 3 månader sedan
Rob, i am not an expert what so over (and can't realy tell from your vid) but if you a are using a reamer, drill your holes (for this diameter it is 0.2mm i believe) under nominal. Then ream with a low rpm (say 800/900ish) and feed with about 0.15mm/revolution. For the steps don't retract with rapid retraction, but use about 10x the feed rate.
Richard Pruett
Richard Pruett 3 månader sedan
How are these tight tolerances and clearances going to be affect by heat cycles? Will they shring/expand/distort?
Mr.M 3 månader sedan
0:14 is what rotaries in racing games should sound like
Stanimir Rankovski
Stanimir Rankovski 3 månader sedan
5:50 Wait... Did he just used his right hand to write? Where is he from?! :o First American recorded on video!
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 3 månader sedan
Perfect to learn on = the previous owner was incompetent....
BCzepa 3 månader sedan
you need a f0cking torque converter bro... so your takeoffs are less fucked on driveshafts for one, and so you can really make it scream, drop the clutch, then lock up the torque converter and shift normally. lockup century with the 4 rotor, coming soon?
Devin Johnson
Devin Johnson 3 månader sedan
there ever gonna be an fc on this channel?
PearlBlueSoul 3 månader sedan
So I guess what I learned from this is if my living room has become a home gym the answer is diamonds (thanks SEcycle!). Never had so many ads in a vid. Ever. It's actually quite hilarious at this point...just about every other minute.
Rob Dahm
Rob Dahm 3 månader sedan
I can’t see how many ads SEcycle auto suggests. How many were there roughly? I can manually put ad points and make them less than youtube does automatically
Bas e
Bas e 3 månader sedan
Rob, you are so blessed to do what you have passion for! In these Covid times... I doubt my job in IT. Thanks for all of these great videos, really cool🤜
ImAnActualPotato 3 månader sedan
do an rx8 renesis build in the future
Lloyd V.
Lloyd V. 3 månader sedan
All this talk about design and engineering of which he doesn’t know anything about. The final products speak for themselves......piles of shit.
TheJeanParis 3 månader sedan
hey Rob, i saw you left the measuring tools in the machine. If your tool holder is not outside the machine, it will suffer from the coolant. It then remains wet and then gives malfunctions. I also work in a CNC milling company :)
thomson himes
thomson himes 3 månader sedan
Can you please address the EPA trying to kill our car culture and community and some of our lives if you do not know the EPA is trying to ban everything car related including tuning, boost and many other things. We are under attack we need to address this now before it becomes too late. We can counter this if we gain Support for the RPM act the link to SEMA's page on it is listed below. Please give support so we can keep the car culture alive. To give your voice and save this thing we love go to
A 3 månader sedan
nissan 240sx
nissan 240sx 3 månader sedan
Sticks finger in wet hole Rob: yeah that feels soooo good
noldhy 1111
noldhy 1111 3 månader sedan
Nik Bartels
Nik Bartels 3 månader sedan
Bearings would be easier to install if put in freezer for a few hours, temperature differential would shrink the bearing to fit housing and most likely wouldn't need the press to install them
Derek Cook
Derek Cook 3 månader sedan
Typically with reamers, you feed twice as fast as a drill and spin at half the speed. That would help it cut to size and reduce reflection
james cloudsdale
james cloudsdale 3 månader sedan
Always love watching you get new things to advance your work and seeing progress from it keep up the good work.
Steve Peters
Steve Peters 3 månader sedan
That new toy look on Rob's face.
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 3 månader sedan
What if Rob Dahm makes a miniature rotary engine from the aluminum scraps he has , like all the parts including rotors, to put in an rc car
Luke F
Luke F 3 månader sedan
Why no boring bar?
David Blanck
David Blanck 3 månader sedan
I've been making rifle barrels on Haas cnc machines for over 20 years. Please take my knowledge. Slower speeds on the reamer. Adjust feeds as needed. But, sub 800 rpm on the reamer if you want it to last. Jus a tip.... and, only the tip mind you. LoL Also, stub length tools are your friend. Other than that, your clearing and machining seem to be great.
zakura ayame
zakura ayame 3 månader sedan
One rotor Insight?
OtterConnor 3 månader sedan
On this episode of rob dahm, rob has repeated issues with penetrating deep enough
Eroc 3 månader sedan
Its called chatter not vibratey thing, I can machine and I want to come play Rob….. I need to build one
Valentine 3 månader sedan
31:16 - 31:19 is the real life version of the youtube comment experts
ssplintergirl 3 månader sedan
One Rotor gokart.
Valentine 3 månader sedan
Rob went from Billet rotors to Billet tools :D
the shurthang
the shurthang 3 månader sedan
Rob throw that sweatshirt out before that stupid lace gets caught in something and you get hurt.
andrewdini panda
andrewdini panda 3 månader sedan
temperature of the material is also VERY important when machining to the tolerances you want. coolant temp control can help get more consistent cuts Car Club for Turbo Car Owners Car Club for Turbo Car Owners 3 månader sedan
I always rig up a vacuum cleaner hose on the other side of the port I am grinding with a safety glasses and a mask. Those filings are hell.
andrewdini panda
andrewdini panda 3 månader sedan
when are you getting Billet Rotors Billet Rob? Car Club for Turbo Car Owners Car Club for Turbo Car Owners 3 månader sedan
Awesome work Rob! Cant imagine a better Turbo and IC engine combo than a multi chambered Rotary! Msg on FB re rotors.
Remi 3 månader sedan
Dont put your face un front of your piece on the press lol x)
dsaucedo0303 3 månader sedan
Looking for more power??? Can you take any of these builds to the track already ... you havent even proven you can drive any of these cars with any power... to be called a race engine you actually have to race
Nicolas Gibson
Nicolas Gibson 3 månader sedan
I like how a "new" fat iron is more expensive than 80% of the price of the entire engine.
Tyler McGrath
Tyler McGrath 3 månader sedan
It should be easier to get better surface finish on aluminum with a 4 flute endmill.
aurora2319 3 månader sedan
This guy went from amateur tuner to a master
Big Dad Energy
Big Dad Energy 3 månader sedan
Have you ever brainstormed a bigger wankel rotary layout? Say maybe a 1.5 scale 3 rotor? More air more fuel more boost etc. 🤷🏻‍♂️ if anybody has the brains (and outstanding hair) to pull it off it’s you sir.
Gordy Kilcollins
Gordy Kilcollins 3 månader sedan
Oh God! I love PRECISION! I an hear it, I can feel it, and occasionally see it. Tolerances ROB! Seems like too tight ain't healthy for "Dinosaur Engines"
Creator 262
Creator 262 3 månader sedan
"Blake martinez" has a good 13b rebuilding video.
Creator 262
Creator 262 3 månader sedan
And "fullboost"
Gordy Kilcollins
Gordy Kilcollins 3 månader sedan
Seeing ROB Measure the blocks is refreshing. Get those damn dowel holes right! Tolerances are everything!!
BIG SMOKE 3 månader sedan
All those half sloppy holes will allow flex
Bryan Oldaker
Bryan Oldaker 3 månader sedan
long time subscriber, Love your channel, one request though MORE dyno's/destruction/and Chaos like the old days lol
Spaitzo 3 månader sedan
What you need is a lathe Rob.
RotaryNation 3 månader sedan
Love the video
Jeebuz 3 månader sedan
Hey Rob, how does a twin turbo 1 Rotor Miata sound?🤔
junior damota
junior damota 3 månader sedan
How bout you drag race one day cause power isn’t everything if you can’t go fast
Tyrell Boggs
Tyrell Boggs 3 månader sedan
What is the life expectancy of these wankle engines? You just built the 4 rotor and now its tore down for the third time? Does making power destroy these engines? If they last as long as a Bic lighter and little more, Whats the point? I have built 750 HP N/A V8's and 950 HP turbo V8's that lasted 10 + years so far with out a single issue. You built a 4 rotor that made awesome power but its down again? What is happening to your engines? Are they really that unreliable at the power levels you made? I am a machinist and have a few 13 B's in my shop I was thinking about trying out building a 3 rotor engine for a sand rail. But if they have a 6 month life expectancy, Why bother?
colinstu 3 månader sedan
I wonder what the max HP you could get from a one rotor? single rotor?
Michael Shortino
Michael Shortino 3 månader sedan
it looks like you are using mostly uncoated endmills for all of your work. As a machinist i would suggest buying some coated 5 flute endmills for anything other than aluminum, you'll end up with much better finishes and longer tool life
John Guilfoyle
John Guilfoyle 3 månader sedan
Yes, Rob is using a framing carpenter's Speed Square to mark a precision bearing in an engine; but then again, we've seen him using a claw hammer when a ball peen or dead blow mallet would be better. ...that's Rob. 😉
Darvin Black
Darvin Black 3 månader sedan
2:55 barely a bearing indeed.
Jacob Webb
Jacob Webb 3 månader sedan
36:10 weird technique but it gets the job done well!!
tippyc2 3 månader sedan
Rob needs one of those rotor balancing machines like Angel Motorsports has.
Chandler Frazier
Chandler Frazier 3 månader sedan
On the term "spinning a bearing". In my opinion its worded like that because a sliding surface bearing is meant to give a better/replaceable riding surface. I would say roller bearings are supposed to spin, but not surface sliders. Thatd be bad news bears.
coco Boo
coco Boo 3 månader sedan
Rob if you died right now would you die happy?
TEO WAY 3 månader sedan
And as you guess Rob stopped using oem studs from now on for his projects.. ❤️
DeathCAP 3 månader sedan
the 3 rotor sound as good as ever.
Keegan Spencer
Keegan Spencer 3 månader sedan
you don't even know how happy it makes me to see rob using big bad ass machines like the cnc to make his own engines and not need to rely on some bullshiter shop somewhere.
bsmb091011 B
bsmb091011 B 3 månader sedan
When you were cutting the press your were cutting in the wrong direction the machine shouldve been going counter clockwise or you get thay chatter like how you got. Think of how a skill saw cuts the cutting edge going against the feed
fuelnfire92 3 månader sedan
Rob 18:46. Me, heavy breathing
Mket Design
Mket Design 3 månader sedan
I love your ingenuity!! 😁Fab Form factor! This like a kid, watching his favorite movie. Keep up the good work.
Steven Wechter
Steven Wechter 3 månader sedan
i saw this coming rob dahm spec dowel bolts nice
iRdMoose 3 månader sedan
Sometimes you like a little vibration in your tool, just not when you're machining parts.
JTTO 3 månader sedan
Will the cast and aluminum rotor parts. Have the same issues with cooling at different rates as they do with most inline, V, engines?
Mark Corkery
Mark Corkery 3 månader sedan
Some of the chatter is from the stick out on that end mill
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