Racing a Ferarri hours after the Dyno.

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Rob Dahm

27 dagar sedan

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zackykinzz Wombatt
zackykinzz Wombatt Dag sedan
Tires and shifter pleaaasseee broooo
zackykinzz Wombatt
zackykinzz Wombatt Dag sedan
Please please please get a longer shifter
thisguy177 2 dagar sedan
This isn't even a debate man. Built not bought. This man put all his blood sweat tears into his cars. He's always all smiles. Never complained maybe about oil in his hair but really not. Lol Rob your an inspiration man. Good job and many thanks again. Stay true brother.👍😎😎😎
Chu Pappi
Chu Pappi 7 dagar sedan
That’s embarrassing Can’t win a race or do burnouts 🤣
Ian Richards
Ian Richards 12 dagar sedan
man these videos are the best i love watching you learn cause i learn with you
Dan Krause
Dan Krause 12 dagar sedan
Rob you need to stop putting your foot all the way down man slowly build into that power
FierceMotorworks 13 dagar sedan
Rob: revs to redline and shifts Tachometer: new dashboard who dis?
michael miller
michael miller 16 dagar sedan
Need a bigger Turbo Or bigger wastegate
Mark Mohammed
Mark Mohammed 16 dagar sedan
Probably needs to install a throttle pedal instead of a throttle switch.
David Liley
David Liley 16 dagar sedan
Get Kevin from KSR Performance to sort out the rear end to get traction sorted, like he has done with Cleetus's El camino, No such thing as too much power lol
59vaughn 17 dagar sedan
Power without control is....a waste....
Jeremy Langford
Jeremy Langford 17 dagar sedan
Wish I could get Keeps here in Australia
Ro Bert
Ro Bert 17 dagar sedan
Can we agree, it's a bit of a roast, when your opponent says:"hey, would you allow me to look at my tune, to take some power out of it?" :D
robksig1 18 dagar sedan
Can he build a car that actually works?
Pétur Stefánsson
Pétur Stefánsson 20 dagar sedan
This is just silly.
21 dag sedan
you cant drive for shit
myz06rocks 21 dag sedan
quite possible the coolest and most useless car ever LOL
Christian resources
Christian resources 21 dag sedan
I hate to say he needs to shift sooner... but he does...
Joel Martens
Joel Martens 21 dag sedan
I recon longer gear ratio
Creator 262
Creator 262 21 dag sedan
For once Rob looks well-rested, must be those naps between shifts
Jordan Jank
Jordan Jank 22 dagar sedan
Never fails to disappoint, a big idiot that just can't wait to properly put it on the track.
SultanOfAwesome 22 dagar sedan
Ferrari is spelled wrong in the title therefor I have no choice but to alert the FBI of this crime.
Erwt64 22 dagar sedan
Dat sound! Ear drummer gasms. But imho, this car is too dangerous. I would not want to play with it's limits, even not on the Dyno.
Lazy 22 dagar sedan
Now you have to convert it to 4WD. It's way too dangerous. Does it even have some traction control?
Trav Outdoors
Trav Outdoors 22 dagar sedan
Gotta hook to book
raheel saleem
raheel saleem 23 dagar sedan
He,s just a shit car builder which is only good for youtube content but crappy to drive and for racing use
Arthur Sperotto
Arthur Sperotto 23 dagar sedan
You better beat Suppy's LS RX7 in your rotary Corvette! 3rd time's a charm!
Alex Poirier
Alex Poirier 23 dagar sedan
too much power? or not a big enough rear tire?
Alex Poirier
Alex Poirier 23 dagar sedan
maybe time for a big ole wing on that booty for some much needed downforce for some much needed traction. if it helps out at all with that torque lol
Daleksarge 23 dagar sedan
wasn't expecting chris forsberg out of nowhere
Derek M
Derek M 23 dagar sedan
A Stage 3 2017 Golf R would smoke that Rarri lol (and your Rx-7)
Robin Wendt
Robin Wendt 23 dagar sedan
I thought you said beauty shots... lol
Carlos Midence
Carlos Midence 23 dagar sedan
What a pos.
09mc 23 dagar sedan
Rob try to be the fastest IRS car now 😎💪🏽
09mc 23 dagar sedan
This FD is a drag car not for this type of racing
Ross McGregor
Ross McGregor 23 dagar sedan
What you need is more weight
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 23 dagar sedan
Poor Rob, poor my hopes n expectations. You seem to always become 2nd in this challenge.
David Lam
David Lam 23 dagar sedan
Too much power! Said no one with a 2j ever. Must be a rotary problem
Mket Design
Mket Design 23 dagar sedan
If you work out the traction problems. IT will most likely even kill a Bugatti Veyron.
Southwest Assassins
Southwest Assassins 23 dagar sedan
I want your hoodie.
TW-Automotive 24 dagar sedan
the saying stands...." power is nothing without control " ..... Pointless.
Bryton Massie
Bryton Massie 24 dagar sedan
When you realize that Keeps only started SEcycle advertising because Rob got their attention.
speedknuckle 24 dagar sedan
Ferrari :-)
Vulgaax 24 dagar sedan
Been far for a while, what has become the 4 rotors AWD ?
Amanda Batistaa
Amanda Batistaa 24 dagar sedan
Essa Fueltech tá no lugar errado, tá arrancando e olhando pra baixo, coloca ela no meio do painel
McLain Racing
McLain Racing 24 dagar sedan
Bias ply tires, LESS pressure
Jason Pepín
Jason Pepín 24 dagar sedan
Hol up why’s Chris Forsberg there
Denny 24 dagar sedan
Dude who cares about that shitty Mazda check out that Ferrari like c-mon look at the body and engine and interior wow speechless ;) I bet the Ferrari will smoke him every which way no doubt. Too much power lmao no such thing dude you just need real drag tires and huge ones your a joke 4wd.
Erik Larson
Erik Larson 24 dagar sedan
Skip to 9:25.
Erik Larson
Erik Larson 24 dagar sedan
I am all for ad placement. I am not all for telling random people to put chemicals on or in their body that you have NO idea what twill happen afterwards. Stick to simply safe.
Andrew Kay
Andrew Kay 24 dagar sedan
“I do own a Lamborghini as well” - You don’t need the acceptance dude, just rock the monster rotary!
Matt D
Matt D 24 dagar sedan
1 Month Ago: Too much power! 3 rotor half mile burnouts in every gear! Today: Lets just use these old tires when we race a Ferrari. It'll be fine.
gav240z 24 dagar sedan
It just goes to show you can have too much power. He was just spinning tyres.
Cjbarker2 24 dagar sedan
The cameras look like fender mirrors and I’m in love
kaleb sabel
kaleb sabel 24 dagar sedan
Still waiting on a completed build 🥺
Mighty Oakes Racecar channel
Mighty Oakes Racecar channel 24 dagar sedan
Just a casual Indy car cameo... wait what?!? I did NOT know that was in the garage! Can’t wait for that content.
Ali Al Ghamdi
Ali Al Ghamdi 24 dagar sedan
Where is the 4 rotor sorry am not keeping up
Ali Al Ghamdi
Ali Al Ghamdi 24 dagar sedan
and i mean the awd rx7
Jonjetlee Wayne
Jonjetlee Wayne 24 dagar sedan
i think a th400 would be better in this car then the t56 that gearing is super short
John Sierchio
John Sierchio 24 dagar sedan
Delete the scene of the "full item" ASAP for your own good.
1HeavyHitr 24 dagar sedan
What a POS lol
962RACER 24 dagar sedan
that thing could really use a wing at high speed, it would let it put power down with greater stability and with this much power the reduced top speed wouldn't matter. It would most likely be faster even in the mile with a proper wing.
Igor Krywult
Igor Krywult 24 dagar sedan
Any chance for a QnA in future?
Chris 24 dagar sedan
I like rob, its a shame hes probably got a few trips out in one of his cars left before he kills himself.
OkiStyle 24 dagar sedan
Get yourself a dog box
Nic Violaris
Nic Violaris 24 dagar sedan
Rob, It may be time to focus on traction control systems for your builds. I love what you do but you need to lay all that HP on the ground.
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz 24 dagar sedan
All that time, money and effort to build that slow POS... I've seen 13b's on the street just bridge ported n/a that are faster... What a waste
Kim Soerensen
Kim Soerensen 24 dagar sedan
So angry she's jumping all over the place. Can't wait to see it with some traction to go with all that horsepower, should scoot down the strip like a hot damn!
nsn876 24 dagar sedan
SEcycle: Knock knock! Rob: Who's there? SEcycle: Traction! Rob: Traction who?
Johnathan Tichenor
Johnathan Tichenor 24 dagar sedan
Shift limiter, shift limiter, shift limiter. She be bussin
Dennis Lozano
Dennis Lozano 24 dagar sedan
Here he goes again with one of his overly complicated builds but still gets burned,hahahahaha🤣
Elanzo Besai
Elanzo Besai 24 dagar sedan
Marcus Linnell
Marcus Linnell 24 dagar sedan
Taller rear gear ratio? It definitely makes enough torque for a taller rear gear.
Jeffery Hemstock
Jeffery Hemstock 24 dagar sedan
Rather have power on tap than tap on power
Kristoffer Persson
Kristoffer Persson 25 dagar sedan
do you only have 2 settings on the throttle? 0% and 100% ? seems you floor it all the time, can't you feather/"pedal" it??
daricus fields
daricus fields 25 dagar sedan
The gearing is way to short for this car now it has the torque needed for a taller gear now.
Brendan J
Brendan J 25 dagar sedan
could also try load something in the boot over the rear axle like some weight plates so the rear holds better
Brendan J
Brendan J 25 dagar sedan
fresh set of MT3470's, like 28-30psi, you'll be sweet lol
Jon Thoma
Jon Thoma 25 dagar sedan
That car needs some serious suspension work to put that power down... should just make it a big tire or atleast use a much bigger tire
Koito rob
Koito rob 25 dagar sedan
Ferarri... SERIOUSLY????
666KTY 25 dagar sedan
Not too much power.....its lack of control of power.
666KTY 25 dagar sedan
Best get control of that boost or you will wreck that car.
marsredr100 25 dagar sedan
Rob I suggest more seat time on your cars. Power/Torque is part of the equation but need to learn how to put it down and manage it. BTW, stop looking at the gauges while short track racing. Let the ECU parameters do their job and concentrate on driving.
Not Zak Alexander
Not Zak Alexander 25 dagar sedan
Keep it up! You’re getting faster everyday!!!
IXIiONIXI 25 dagar sedan
Not enough rpm???
Steven Walsh
Steven Walsh 25 dagar sedan
I’m so happy to see this thing doing work again
Bruno Miramont
Bruno Miramont 25 dagar sedan
maybe a 4 speed should be enough . 60 .90 .120 .150 mph
Damon Axelrod
Damon Axelrod 25 dagar sedan
Rob, based on watching you struggle with that shifter, you may need to change your mounts, or go sequential
Uway 25 dagar sedan
bob i think u need test the car with other driver
Rick Houston
Rick Houston 25 dagar sedan
Looks like it was a spinnin good time!
FATALROTARY 25 dagar sedan
Unrefined tune and ur shifting skills killed the the car tho.
sxyangeleyez 25 dagar sedan
where did you get that shirt
troyguererro 08
troyguererro 08 25 dagar sedan
Do you have a limited slip differential? Or the tires are not hot enough. Maybe too much torque also. Bro, if that thing keeps on sliding at 3-4th gear, you need to build a roll cage ASAP. Ride safe, brother.
Martin McMartin
Martin McMartin 25 dagar sedan
Spend a dollar on some decent rubber, maybe some bar changes. Cars with way more power than that can hook.
Bob Sagget
Bob Sagget 25 dagar sedan
The most reliable diesel truck engine towing the least reliable gasoline car engine. Kind of poetic.
Space Reptile
Space Reptile 25 dagar sedan
looks like you need more wheels for more grip 6x6 6 Rotor when Edit: also maybe an automatic gearbox
Meteor Media
Meteor Media 25 dagar sedan
That Ferrari is so ugly
yeshwant sun
yeshwant sun 25 dagar sedan
Car runs better need better driver he need to understand the car
Ed B
Ed B 25 dagar sedan
Once you get the suspension and alignment figured out along with a good tire. The car will be a beast
Boogaloo Shrymp
Boogaloo Shrymp 25 dagar sedan
Tubs and tyres, wheelie barz....
jurgen de bruin
jurgen de bruin 25 dagar sedan
what happend to the c8?
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