The 2 Rotor Corvette is ready to sneak into LS FEST

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Rob Dahm

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Music Masters
Music Masters 23 dagar sedan
8:34, me when I stub my toe
__Vexus__ Månad sedan
On the first run of a program, you might want to lower the rapid speed and feed hold an inch or so above the part surface and check the "distance to go" on the rapid move to ensure you didnt miss and tool/work offsets. Makes running new programs much less stressful.
Gregg O
Gregg O Månad sedan
The outfit was good,it would be perfect with the sweater draped over the shoulders.Maybe too much but this channel has never had a issue with too much of anything.
AUSTIN Månad sedan
The last minute of this video is some of the most pure comedy i have ever seen. Solid work boys
AUSTIN Månad sedan
0:11 Yo lol what the fuck??? How in the shit are you even trying to say that all your cars that are blown were fucked up by other people?? Nobody else drives your shit, you have popped every single one of the cars with blown motors. I don't even understand how you could try and imply anything different. I really thought you were a whole lot more accountable than that
flyinfighter501 Månad sedan
I'm literally screaming at my computer for rob to buy a lathe to make that spacer. it would take so little time and would look beautiful the first time. The hole pattern would be a simple job for the cnc or the mill.
sean bragg
sean bragg Månad sedan
What happened no mission
Sasha Z
Sasha Z Månad sedan
You alive bro?
Errol Beilby
Errol Beilby Månad sedan
Can't wait to see this
christopher békési
christopher békési Månad sedan
So.. did they actually imprison him this time or what.. More than a week and no updates
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Månad sedan
I wonder what happened? This was a couple of weeks ago? Anyone know?
Trialbyfire Månad sedan
Andrew Gaulton
Andrew Gaulton Månad sedan
Where's the next vid from ls fest..? Shame it wasn't driven there this year 😑
Mrcss Månad sedan
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson Månad sedan
You should get a bigger shirt
Alister Robbie
Alister Robbie Månad sedan
And then? It’s been a week. What happened at LS fest?
Josh Long
Josh Long Månad sedan
1 week later, straight silence. You gotta put up something bruh.
Just C
Just C Månad sedan
The moment those bolts lined up, he came
Confreeknor Månad sedan
Man you look like you live the dream. You are a good guy, full of joy dont ever lose that.
Hiigara Månad sedan
Hey u got an indy car just noticed the rollbar.. you know that's not a rotary right? That's not gonna be a swap project is it 😂
David H
David H Månad sedan
Why do you associate yourself with someone that scams their customers? He quotes a customer and receives 50% of the payment upfront and then after a bunch of excuses, can’t come up with the money after failing to do any of the work. Isaiah aka FABscammer
Andy Pooley
Andy Pooley Månad sedan
Two rotors, one bed. Says it all.
Panzer Paul
Panzer Paul Månad sedan
Make a furai
Kody AWESOME Månad sedan
Sneaks into ls fest but never shows the footage.
Nick Twaddell
Nick Twaddell Månad sedan
Thats so awesome that you are CNCing your own parts
capnthepeafarmer Månad sedan
Rob, do yourself a favor and get some Fusion 360 training from NYCCNC at Saunders Machine Works,. They also have a great SEcycle channel for learning Fusion and general CNC work.
Sjomp Månad sedan
To get rid of that discoball effect, lower your feed
josh james
josh james Månad sedan
DieselDave 359
DieselDave 359 Månad sedan
Damn dude, you need a lathe..
Devdoesitbest Månad sedan
i still find it funny how you're still using a uhaul trailer
Ralph Norton
Ralph Norton Månad sedan
420sti Månad sedan
Less talk more work bro damm
mythos000000025 Månad sedan
Haha 9" is a massive clutch!? Omg lol
mythos000000025 Månad sedan
Quick, somebody call the event organizers to block this car! Lol, no its cool. Funny too as I'm putting a built ls into my fd3s. I'd love a n/a 3 or 4 rotor but yeah.... I'm not rich and I want a well balanced, powerful, good looking car made of metal. Haha....corvettes
Beard Man
Beard Man Månad sedan
Rob, to stop the scalloping, use helical interpolation. You can step it down or advance gradually. AutoCAD definitely has options to do this.
Kyle Merriman
Kyle Merriman Månad sedan
Bunch of chads
Chris Yarzab
Chris Yarzab Månad sedan
Do you have a step-by-step video for beginners on how to buy and setup a rotary engine in a vehicle?
Aeroboozt Månad sedan
Jesus Christ that sounds like shit. Like every other rotory
mrajentman Månad sedan
looks like u were using fusion. turn on smoothing for your finishing passes. will create smooth arcs instead of linear move for the machine. what you have there is called faceting
AndyB Månad sedan
17:42 by far the best line 😂😂
Sebastian Weinelt
Sebastian Weinelt Månad sedan
Car smokes and sounds like a Trabant 601
justin salahna
justin salahna Månad sedan
If you’re not already I recommend trying out Blaser coolant in your Hass. The machine shop I work in just switched over to blaser in all of our machines and it cools much better and the coolant is clear so you can see substantially better while walking in tools and watching things cut. Love the content!!
Y3arZer0 Månad sedan
I've had a migraine all day and that ender with the clothes and handshake made me laugh and cough... Causing immense pain in my brain. Alas, it was still worth it.
FillHerGuts Månad sedan
U did this last year rip
Roman Månad sedan
I like seeing rotaries LS swapped but this is too weird😂
Mason Justus
Mason Justus Månad sedan
All you got to do is give it a rod knock
Reynaldo Torres
Reynaldo Torres Månad sedan
Really Rob? Why would you announce going to LS Fest at all ??? Record the shit and then show the public. You can’t tell me that there aren’t a ton of your viewers that are also involved with/in the LS scene. If they don’t know you are coming by now then the internet just failed (yeah right). Me personally, I would rather wait, and you really invade LSFest, and then show what happened after, rather than announce it beforehand. I’d rather you bullshit me about the project and then drop in at “The fest” unannounced and then show me what happened after. jmo
Justice Of the sun
Justice Of the sun Månad sedan
Great info from this vid. The technical aspect is where it's at.. I love knowledge and you have dropped some. SEcycle need more technicality inspired videos. Plenty of how to use videos, more how to build and convert clips will take this to the next level in the motorsports game.
Axle Grind
Axle Grind Månad sedan
it's been my experience in selling clutches in auto parts stores, that when the diaphragm pressure plate has flat fingers when it is bolted down, it uses a rounded face t/o bearing. a pp with cone shaped fingers uses a flat face t/o bearing.
Adam Parks
Adam Parks Månad sedan
Your od interpolation post process code is not right. Wouldn't know with out knowing what cam software your using.
Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos
Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos Månad sedan
16:29 Here's you Saganaki Sir. If you don't know Saganaki is a Flaming Greek Cheese Dish served at restaurants. It's the first thing that came to my mind 😂
Osarum Obasanjo
Osarum Obasanjo Månad sedan
Dude has ReoLink !!!! I use these in Barbados for my Clients. Great system u got there @Rob Dahm!!!
Cory Kesty
Cory Kesty Månad sedan
the disco ball look i think is the tool path code tolerance, and possibly not the optimal tool path for finishing that surface.
Gary Moore
Gary Moore Månad sedan
brotherSkrill 3fuel rcs
brotherSkrill 3fuel rcs Månad sedan
That was funnyman
No Månad sedan
Hey epa take robs corvette no one will be sad is bad for the corvette and really bad for thebrotary its like having cousins getting married
Kyle John
Kyle John Månad sedan
They saved the best part for the end
Thomas Cameron
Thomas Cameron Månad sedan
That cnc fast forward sound clip is diabolical. No bueno.
m m
m m Månad sedan
Did you already do this?
Aitor Gonjzalez
Aitor Gonjzalez Månad sedan
really good job on the CNC machine, congratulations from Spain. Pd: Im a Senior technician in production scheduling in mechanical manufacturing
Night Shift240sx
Night Shift240sx Månad sedan
Not gonna lie I would love to see it have two Turbo and a supercharger
ButterBagelGaming Månad sedan
with a vice and soft jaws you could have finished both sides of the part in the machine so you don't have to band saw out the rest of the metal
Justins pig farm And more
Justins pig farm And more Månad sedan
Were is the c8
Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson Månad sedan
If it doesn't have a chevy engine in it , it's not a corvette !
Alex Burden
Alex Burden Månad sedan
“Even overnighted it and it still took a week, thanks FedEx” 😂 story of my life the past two weeks
Sanvir Govender
Sanvir Govender Månad sedan
Dude what happened to the 4 Rotor?
Seppo Siimessalmi
Seppo Siimessalmi Månad sedan
What to say ?
BUDRR Månad sedan
Uhhhh... Tom what time is T off?
Janne Kokko
Janne Kokko Månad sedan
nice clout
AbbadonXII Månad sedan
He's bitcoin mining
Norman Guzman
Norman Guzman Månad sedan
I we just going to ignore that we all saw a formula 1 car on Rob's shop. What is that thing going to have now, a 6 rotor?
Bryce Mc Ewan
Bryce Mc Ewan Månad sedan
Hey Rob Easy fix for outside faciting, reduce program tolerance down to .003mm Cheers Bryce
Boosted__e92 Månad sedan
Instead of “miles per gallon” it is now “Litres of oil per minute.” 😂😂
lilduff26 Månad sedan
You need the Vargas brothers
Diego Kleinman
Diego Kleinman Månad sedan
yee yee lincoln nebraska
SubBassFrequency Månad sedan
Leave some stock on the roughing operation and then finalise with a 2D contour finishing pass to get a smooth outside finish. The 2D adaptive and 2D pocket are roughing strategies that don't do arc's.
Wesley Månad sedan
"350 electric bill" *cries in price gouged near 600 dollar Texas freeze bill* "Tom what time is tee off?" Ded
Conner Prince
Conner Prince Månad sedan
Hey Rob you probably won't see this but I work with CNCs daily and love it. The reason you're having those straight lines on the outer diameter is because your CAD/CAM software is telling the post processor (the thing that actually writes the code for you) to "linearize helixes". Not sure what software you're using but I use Mastercam and have an option if I want to linearize them or not. I also have the option to tell it what resolution I want to linearize them at (the smaller the number the smaller and more precise the straight lines will be on your outer diameter). Typically I don't linearize helixes just because it makes the code super long when there is no need for that the post processor can calculate a circle and output a smaller code.
Guadalupe Moreno
Guadalupe Moreno Månad sedan
Put mufflers!
Omandi Omayio
Omandi Omayio Månad sedan
When he bent the visor for the valvoline cap lmao
Tariq Samuels
Tariq Samuels Månad sedan
If you’re into German cars, take a look at my channel @Tariq Samuels. Almost to 200 and I would really appreciate it!
Cris Mendez
Cris Mendez Månad sedan
Trip to ls fest starts 21:38
Robert Ariola
Robert Ariola Månad sedan
CNC machines only work in straight lines so to get a better circles make it work in shorter lines so the resolution is higher
Ryan Goodfriend
Ryan Goodfriend Månad sedan
I saw the title and immediately thought “again?”
ETIT Månad sedan
dude buy a tap handle. you have a $500,000 HAAS mill but not a $10 tap handle.
E30s don’t run
E30s don’t run Månad sedan
The thumbnail brought me in.
Abhay Jaitly
Abhay Jaitly Månad sedan
Yeah, could be possible that your brother is growing weed...jussayin!! 🤷‍♂️
Daniel Breault
Daniel Breault Månad sedan
He looks like the pc principle
danger_ZL1 Månad sedan
what does it weigh with this combination ?
nikolaiownz Månad sedan
The surface problems is probaly because its from the 3d adaptive tool path. Its only a roughing toolpath. If you dont do a contur toolpath to finish it it will have that weird surface. It can also be your smoothinh or tolerance in your toolpath. Email me if you cant figure it out Nikolai AT 👍
Aaron S
Aaron S Månad sedan
Check with AvE. He's pretty damn good and is fking hilarious to boot
nikolaiownz Månad sedan
Haha. Full send it. Maybe turn down the rapids on the cnc when starting haha. You had me almost poop My pants haha
Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon Månad sedan
I believe your disco ball is due to the code using linear lengths to create a radius. This can be tweaked with precision or post using IJK or some radius output instead of just XYZ. This can be accomplished in a finishing pass.
Steve Holt
Steve Holt Månad sedan
Bhaha that clothing is hilarious
Ben David Jacob
Ben David Jacob Månad sedan
That ending!
mrexon Månad sedan
Next video is corvette with a puddle of brake fluid under it because the square seals blew out(I stopped using square seal TB’s because mcloud)
Mike Cochran
Mike Cochran Månad sedan
I'll buy a set of those lift brackets if you make them publicly.
Jake Green
Jake Green Månad sedan
Sombody melted it. Sombody messed it up... Take some blame...
Shane Strickland
Shane Strickland Månad sedan
Next time move the quill out the way when tapping parts ... have you ever slipped and punched a sharp end mill ? .. Word of advice the mill will win
Ogey Boomer
Ogey Boomer Månad sedan
13:01 so many Doritos
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