Too much POWER! 3 Rotor Half Mile burnouts in every gear

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Rob Dahm

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Meatsweats 13 dagar sedan
ASMR braps
Ayush Shetty
Ayush Shetty 22 dagar sedan
"Theres nothing as too much horsepower, there only less traction" ~FORD
Paul Digas
Paul Digas 24 dagar sedan
Why nobody makes a 2 stroke exhaust on those Rotors, its technically a 2 stroke behavior
mr. Pineapple
mr. Pineapple 26 dagar sedan
LIES LIES LIES there is no such thing as "to much boost"
Matt DeMouy
Matt DeMouy 26 dagar sedan
I should of bought the rx7 when I had one I test drove in 2001 as a senior in high school it was only 9500 the guy found it in a storage unit and it was fine
KC2Lucky 27 dagar sedan
too much power? I read that as not enough downforce.
Joe Cornett
Joe Cornett 28 dagar sedan
Do you own that uhaul trailer? I feel like you could have bought a trailer if you were renting it that much.
M1989nrw Schneeimsommer
M1989nrw Schneeimsommer 28 dagar sedan
I try your Hair stuff;) Greets from Germany
Colton Smith
Colton Smith 29 dagar sedan
You need a full cage man be safe
bremms1 29 dagar sedan
Race it against the Hoonicorn and loose your body panels. Ohh did that with the 4 rotor..
WholeLottaMiata 69
WholeLottaMiata 69 Månad sedan
It’s the right amount of power, wrong amount of tire
Aldrey Silva
Aldrey Silva Månad sedan
insane haha its my impression or you looked all time to teh fueltech? looking down like that is terrible i think
Doc's GearHead Gaming
Doc's GearHead Gaming Månad sedan
New project an F1 Car thats getting a rotary? Sure looks like it lol
Backwoodswamp Justin
Backwoodswamp Justin Månad sedan
You have f1 car damn
Gregg O
Gregg O Månad sedan
Boy they sure chem trail the piss outa the sky there. Love the vids,to bad the Gov has to destroy what would otherwise be a beautiful day.
Ben West
Ben West Månad sedan
3:45 “applause” 3:55 “music”
G P 8
G P 8 Månad sedan
Rob is the type of person who will run into a candy store and forget his money at home
Viral You
Viral You Månad sedan
Show more car and less face....
Viral You
Viral You Månad sedan
Good car.... Bad driver....
David Clausner
David Clausner Månad sedan
You need a rear wing
Paul Visage
Paul Visage Månad sedan
I keep watching the vids that pop up on this rx7 but everytime a huge dissapointment as the car is either never done or not running correctly.
Bryan C
Bryan C Månad sedan
Idk why but I love it that a high power rotary smokes like my lawnmower on startup.
DDR_shadow mozez
DDR_shadow mozez Månad sedan
You can never have to much power But you can make longer gears to adjust the power to grip. Longer gears so you don't spin
Shworsh Månad sedan
How much hp?
Crypto Bull
Crypto Bull Månad sedan
The car was how exactly? ;-))
spoder mang
spoder mang Månad sedan
3:23 idling at 2k LOL
UNSA 111
UNSA 111 Månad sedan
That literally was an F1 car
UNSA 111
UNSA 111 Månad sedan
Nicholas Ridgway
Nicholas Ridgway Månad sedan
Why do American always seem to be so rigid and panic and be all on edge and weird when they drive a manual car
Chris Burnett
Chris Burnett Månad sedan
We all saw the f1 car.
B.J.S Everywhere
B.J.S Everywhere Månad sedan
That car sounds soooo angry
Felix Wittman
Felix Wittman Månad sedan
Rumor has it Rob is going F1 and putting a rotor in it
SmOnKGaMeS Månad sedan
formula ford blured out what i saw or somthing that looks like it ^^
Eliah Ok
Eliah Ok Månad sedan
no fucking shot that was a formula car
Baul Instruments
Baul Instruments Månad sedan
Dude, you have ads turned on so you're making money from ads, then you also throw your own ad in the content itself? You're asking too much of your viewers. I can't watch this channel anymore.
HAIDEN Sebestyen
HAIDEN Sebestyen Månad sedan
I better see that f1 car on a hoonigan episode.
charlie cattaneo
charlie cattaneo Månad sedan
Not enough not too much power
Mark Corbett
Mark Corbett Månad sedan
How do you have nearly 1 million subscribers and still rent a POS UHaul trailer? Buy a real trailer finally ;)
dark demon
dark demon Månad sedan
If he ripped the interior out and gut the hell out of this car I’d be scared
Timothy Stengel
Timothy Stengel Månad sedan
Now only if we can tune this car in forza 4 just as well as u did here
Blues Clue
Blues Clue Månad sedan
has hairline. has no hairstyle. LOL rip potential.
Illuminati Destroyer Bear
Illuminati Destroyer Bear Månad sedan
Drop a 6 speed sequential in that beast!
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton Månad sedan
You really should name that RX-7 the DAHMINATOR
Vyllex Månad sedan
This just poped in my recomendations, and this guy is so awsome u can hear how much he loves building and driving that thing, real car enthusiast u talk to my soul brotha keep up the good work !
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt Månad sedan
this my girl friend .. her name is cocaine
Tim O' Callaghan
Tim O' Callaghan Månad sedan
This thing sounds like it's so happy on the limiter
Garry Williams
Garry Williams Månad sedan
This isn't a criticism as I don't know anything about building a rotary engine. Just curious. Why do these engines that are built with such tight tolerances smoke so much?
Joseph Reed
Joseph Reed Månad sedan
Sometimes i feel bad for you just being that one rotor guy…. showing up to every meet on no sleep XD you’re just like eh if it blows it blows
HaleStorm50 Månad sedan
F1 car
paul duch
paul duch Månad sedan
New nickname for the 3 rotor. .. sketchy 3.
MrFkYoBitch Månad sedan
Put a driver in the car not a vjj ....that is all
Johnny Jouha
Johnny Jouha Månad sedan
3 rotors just sound so good
Revo900 Månad sedan
For someone who has so many ground up builds, why haven’t you just bought a trailer at this point? 😅 You own THE 4 rotor that everyone knows and you’re still using a uhaul. Im buying a shirt to support, I hope my investment appreciates into an inclosed trailer. 😂
2JDM Månad sedan
The sound of a 20b man is just insane. I mean i like a 4 rotor sound more but the 3 has more bass to it and sounds sick too.
Kristeon Wright
Kristeon Wright Månad sedan
I have a theory that Rob is gonna make a 6 rotor motor for the F1 car. If not it’s gonna be something out of this world!!
J.G. Zilco
J.G. Zilco Månad sedan
I always love the RX seven for being such a beautiful car on the outside, with a cheap plasticy, creaky interior.. clearly, it was all about the performance for Mazda, not the luxury or ergonomics. 🤣 it’s like they knew theyd all become gutted drift cars at some point.
JETJOOBOY Månad sedan
This car is probably the most UN - CAR JACKABLE Car on Earth... Imagine if some Idiot Witless moron stole this car... and tried to drive it?? THEY WOULD CALL THE COPS and Claim that they had just been RAPED and ASSAULTED by a DEMON CAR , and demand compensation!?
JETJOOBOY Månad sedan
Do some more SLap HeaD Adverts and put that MOTOR in a CUSTOM CHASSIS... MAZDA.. never the highest Quality base for a NuclEAR BoMB Motor?!
Queue Månad sedan
I saw the very obvious F1 car and thought "Your doing something with an F1 car? intersting." then i realised "WAIT ROB IS DOING A ROTARY F1 CAR? FUCK YEAH"
K.Zannos Månad sedan
For the love of god, please swap that steering wheel already! Please!
silverbullitt850 Månad sedan
I mean when you're running on a dusty airstrip with no filter, I'm not sure what else you're expecting. You're lucky you didn't lunch the turbo and engine running it like that. I'm not saying this to be a SEcycle nit-picker, but because it would be a damn shame to lose that great of an engine to something SO preventable. USE. AN. AIR. FILTER. PLEASE. Also, love that you use a Uhaul trailer haha.
Nikolas Månad sedan
Are we about to see a rotor powered formula car in the near future?
Acura RL
Acura RL Månad sedan
Adding a rear spoiler/wing may do 2 things for you. 1 help with getting that power to the ground while doing so it may take some down pressure off the front keeping from dragging front end, so maybe happier
Phil L
Phil L Månad sedan
I cant avoid ads, no matter what. I will pay $10000 to never see ads again, ever
JDMEXforme Månad sedan
You need to figure out how to launch this car. The lag is holding it back.
Chase Månad sedan
Can’t wait to see more racing and seat time videos!!
Por Qué?
Por Qué? Månad sedan
ten minute gearshifts lmfao
Itsso Ferny
Itsso Ferny Månad sedan
Can you get more of the side view like the fly by view thats such an awesome view man! 🔥
Jefry Kurniawan
Jefry Kurniawan Månad sedan
Rob you need rolecage
Gerry Lewis
Gerry Lewis Månad sedan
whats going on with the corvette 4 rotor project ?
vindev hunta
vindev hunta Månad sedan
Jdm Legend
CorysCarChannel Månad sedan
U make me want a 3 rotor
scvrykids Månad sedan
met rob at ls fest las vegas today dude was the most nicest person i ever met signed my hat and everything such a sick dude
Jordydordy ______
Jordydordy ______ Månad sedan
Saw too much boost and ignored this for a week. Now I know why I should’ve immediately clicked. It was too much boost.
drummerboy 02
drummerboy 02 Månad sedan
Please tell me Rob is putting a 4 rotor in an F-1 car
fade dza
fade dza Månad sedan
in forza i fix this with awd
Tonyboi 69
Tonyboi 69 2 månader sedan
Legend has it rob dam has never slept
Matt 2 månader sedan
1:50 a reference very few will understand❤️
Omandi Omayio
Omandi Omayio 2 månader sedan
That’s a beautiful sounding car...
Stianofp 2 månader sedan
FDs look bad without a huge GT wing
Bluimello ʏᴛ
Bluimello ʏᴛ 2 månader sedan
I have respect for auto generated subtitles they called the cars engine sounds music
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez 2 månader sedan
Can you buy yourself a trailer already. For real a uhaul in all your videos. Lol
Patrick Z
Patrick Z 2 månader sedan
That baby needs some resonators!
Jerad 2 månader sedan
Is that a formula mazda car being censored in that ad bit?
Will Resler
Will Resler 2 månader sedan
Would you ever test out that liquid piston engine?
-doogs -
-doogs - 2 månader sedan
thats what she said
rb33nzyeaboi Mcd
rb33nzyeaboi Mcd 2 månader sedan
That's so a orgasmic sound
Chris Toma
Chris Toma 2 månader sedan
wheres the 4 rotor
branden decaro
branden decaro 2 månader sedan
It’s a three rotor or 4 rotor formula one car
TheRex150 2 månader sedan
i just realised i have the same rims
Thri11Seeker 2 månader sedan
Rob got a formula mazda or whatever they are called those mazda star cup cars which are like formula 2 cars with rotarys
DoObs 2 månader sedan
Suggestion. Need to move GoPro to the much as its cool to see you in the cockpit, additional angle would be nice stuck on the windshield
Mike Duwe
Mike Duwe 2 månader sedan
If only someone would make an AWD RX7....
itstoomuch R
itstoomuch R 2 månader sedan
I could see Rob owning a car brand that makes rotary engines for their cars.
KEITH'S OUTDOOR LIFE 2 månader sedan
Dude ain't finished one project in like 3 year's.. Takes him 4 days to do an oil change.. Lame California car tubers are milking them videos for views.. That's why California is a tent city state with weirdo's living their .. Not one car tuber in California is with watching.. Y'all just putting out shitty content to get a pay day from SEcycle.. But y'alls content sucks bad !! Name one project you finished ..that is worthy of calling it done and 100% finished..go ahead I'll wait.. And a oil change that takes 3 day's doesn't count..smh
IIIRotor 2 månader sedan
Franklin Walker
Franklin Walker 2 månader sedan
Fueltech 🤤🤤
Keimare Nichols
Keimare Nichols 2 månader sedan
You’re dedicated and perseverance is disappeared off of my timeline for yt for some reason but I found you and I’m here forever 😂
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