We make OVER 1000 HP on the 3 Rotor RX-7!! Finally!

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Rob Dahm

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Tiago Abreu
Tiago Abreu 5 dagar sedan
Andre Coetze
Andre Coetze 15 dagar sedan
How is the 3-rotor producing more torque than the 4-rotor at the same boost?! The 3-rotor made 795 lb-ft of torque, while the 4-rotor made only 715 lb-ft of torque. Extra rotor = 80 lb-ft less torque? I'm not following that math.
Jeferson Isidoro
Jeferson Isidoro 16 dagar sedan
Rob is it possible that you will apply those electronic waste gates in your 4 rotor?
Wade Samuels
Wade Samuels 17 dagar sedan
im in love
Michael Porter
Michael Porter 17 dagar sedan
What core are you running on that intercooler?
Wim Vander Schelden
Wim Vander Schelden 19 dagar sedan
Your work and progress is truly inspiring. It's heartwarming to see a guy so passionate about his projects and doing such experimental engineering on his childhood dream car.
JOHN LUBURIC 20 dagar sedan
rob your a legend but you can not drive let your fabricater drive your car i think he will do better.......... That car should BLOW everything off the road
Jace’s Own World
Jace’s Own World 20 dagar sedan
Numbers don’t matter if you can’t drive it well...
Hayden Edhouse
Hayden Edhouse 22 dagar sedan
Your become a master in you class bro, Well done! 👌
krooner 23 dagar sedan
like for the fueltech t-shirt
Lucas Fonseca Gomes
Lucas Fonseca Gomes 23 dagar sedan
I love how FuelTech just "chill rob, we got you covered"
DeathCAP 24 dagar sedan
tf you are making 1000 HP at 7000 RPM that's stupid lot of power lol if you put the PP to use at 9000 I think it'd smoke the 4 rotor.
Grant Booth
Grant Booth 25 dagar sedan
Awesome work
smith john
smith john 25 dagar sedan
Rob try sizing the turbine a/r down one size to create a little back pressure, improving wg flow and then use your wg to bleed the excess backpressure . 🙌👊
MrTilbin 26 dagar sedan
Sounds so tight and so clean.
john21339 26 dagar sedan
What's up with the gearing in the 3 rotor?
Frank Bob
Frank Bob 26 dagar sedan
Every shithead who's ever made fun of rotaries and stating that rotors don't make torque, here's a big F.U. in your face. Dude this thing is making the torque of a stock Cummins 6.7 TDI, this is insane. I have learned more about building and tuning engines on this channel than wasting money going to an automotive school. This is freaking awesome!
J 26 dagar sedan
This thing is so angry 😂😂😂😂
Mark Mashburn
Mark Mashburn 27 dagar sedan
Sooo when can we buy a motor built by Rob Dahm
Gary Low
Gary Low 27 dagar sedan
Great, next is how reliable under normal drive and track days before breakdown again?
flyino 27 dagar sedan
uhaul sponsorship when
Yatharth Manocha
Yatharth Manocha 27 dagar sedan
Guys! He finally went to sleep peacefully and it’s been 1 week and he’s still asleep. I think he will stay asleep for atleast 1 more week! Be patient guys🙏
TionG TionG
TionG TionG 28 dagar sedan
*hey Rob what are your thoughts about the RE Amemiya and Fujita Racing RX7s?*
Brent Merdian
Brent Merdian 28 dagar sedan
Rob looking ripped
Corey Wilson
Corey Wilson 28 dagar sedan
Hoonigan squad disliking
EBRA427 28 dagar sedan
The day ROb buys his own trailer will be a good day
Andrew Travers
Andrew Travers 28 dagar sedan
Wow that rear def moves a lot.
docbrockyt 28 dagar sedan
I polished a turd one time so shiny that it dazzeled the martians on the third moon of neptune
docbrockyt 28 dagar sedan
and a Ford GT with a supercharger with a factory warranty makes 770 hp.
Deeje 28 dagar sedan
Does anybody know what type of workplace he's in? Is it like a rentable space?
Fresh King F_K
Fresh King F_K 29 dagar sedan
Holy rotory!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
hensonator 29 dagar sedan
hensonator 29 dagar sedan
Dylan Auns
Dylan Auns 29 dagar sedan
Hey man just wondering what year the 4 rotor
corey foe
corey foe 29 dagar sedan
Someone get this boy a set of sticky proxy race meats 🍖... I'd love to see and hear this thing hook up and stay planted with some ligit pro tires
carlos D. Robles
carlos D. Robles 29 dagar sedan
Last car you run that you lose y wanna see another race I’ll bet you win
luis wiesner
luis wiesner 29 dagar sedan
Dude you built a fic***: beast
Levi Hughes
Levi Hughes Månad sedan
Ayee rob are you racing a Ferrari on hoonigan??
Terry Richard
Terry Richard Månad sedan
Hoonigan again?? Yes please!!
Fabio Bottai
Fabio Bottai Månad sedan
Fueltech + Eletronic Wastegate = HP from Hell
domc207 Månad sedan
I’ve just binge watched the whole 3 rotor series from the last few months, I wanted to say I’m super impressed with your effort and amazing results. Sitting here in the UK 🇬🇧 I wish the 3 rotor market was as possible for us guys as I would love to build the monster you have created. Massive well done Rob and the team 👏🏽
1FAT392 SCAT Månad sedan
Valvoline sponsor: check Uhaul trailer sponsor: not check Waiting for the day of a rotary designed enclosed trailer 😂
Brenden Howard
Brenden Howard Månad sedan
Honestly, that 4 rotor is going to be scary for what it could potentially hit, if this is what you're pulling from the 3 rotor, accidentally at that? The real question, did you get 2 of those electronic waste gates? And if so, is the 4 rotor getting the same grade one, or will you be testing just how "indestructable" their top teir one they have that they were showing you?
Jaxxum Knoben
Jaxxum Knoben Månad sedan
Recently learned about WPC treatment for engine parts, pretty incredible stuff, have you ever heard of it or considered using it in the future for your engines and drivetrain components?
Earache //
Earache // Månad sedan
Rotary built right making all that torque
Miller Engineering. Inc
Miller Engineering. Inc Månad sedan
Much respect
Bob Saget
Bob Saget Månad sedan
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! That’s beautiful!
Christopher Hale
Christopher Hale Månad sedan
I've been watching Rob for 8 years. I remember scroll and seeing the video of how he bought a Lamborghini. That beautiful yellow beast. He has came so far. I will forever watch your videos.
Sed Hendo
Sed Hendo Månad sedan
Ok Rob you are knocking it out of the park. But, we need more of everything!! Let’s go!
Jeremy Shofner
Jeremy Shofner Månad sedan
Can u just grab a can of rusto pri.er and some gloss black and finish that bomdo monstrosity on the front right of the car .. Ugh .. Its making my ocd go nuts.. Lol
will Chava
will Chava Månad sedan
Love the work rob
SkippeZ Shadow
SkippeZ Shadow Månad sedan
So that Lola T97/00 in the back of the shop? I assume you're going Turbo 4-Rotor but like... Is the Turbo going in the location the CART Turbos used to?
Ezikiem Ortiz
Ezikiem Ortiz Månad sedan
Do a 12a build rob
Bernardo LaCosta
Bernardo LaCosta Månad sedan
Lol I have my captions turned on and everytime rob does a pull its says [MUSIC] sweet
maxst2 Månad sedan
What a monster!!1
Jonatas Josten
Jonatas Josten Månad sedan
Parabéns pelo carro !!! Agora com fueltech, que orgulho dessa empresa ser brasileira .
Ghassan Radwan
Ghassan Radwan Månad sedan
Drag race with collette's car soon?
bob suruncle
bob suruncle Månad sedan
Got to say way cool.
Andre Luiz
Andre Luiz Månad sedan
I really enjoy your videos, but now with fulltech I love it, Anderson is one of the greatest guy I've seen 🇧🇷
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Månad sedan
Surely the rotor blades need replacing too often?
The Animal
The Animal Månad sedan
Rob all the way from here in New Zealand . We can hear the pulse of that rotor !!!
OtterConnor Månad sedan
I love how I have cc on and every pull SEcycle thinks that music is playing
anissa coronado
anissa coronado Månad sedan
Looks like you could use a drain tank for the shop...just letting that gear oil drip into the pan on the ground is pretty ghetto especially when you can afford A FUCKING BILLET 4 ROTOR
Dilan Westshore
Dilan Westshore Månad sedan
Sean Henry
Sean Henry Månad sedan
Maybe if rotary tuners and engine builders hadn't acted like bickering secretive alchemists, things would have turned out differently for the rotary aftermarket. An aftermarket which has done almost as much as Mazda to kill the rotary engine.
Hampus h
Hampus h Månad sedan
A legend in the making
SGT Compton
SGT Compton Månad sedan
That's why you are you and the guys supporting you, damnn your a gentle animal 🤙🙏
bradsucks 98
bradsucks 98 Månad sedan
This Vs That could be great ...
TheFrankDaddy Månad sedan
The wastegates trying, but the turbos like “fuck you” 😂
Mark X
Mark X Månad sedan
Can someone save me the time of searching it out and LMK when we'll see more 4-rotor content? I guess RD is waiting on something so it's on hold perhaps.
Leonardo Rubert Mauer
Leonardo Rubert Mauer Månad sedan
Rob please do a video with Anderson of Fueltech!
walendaaa Månad sedan
what happend with 4 rotor guys ?
sloshyrat Månad sedan
This is why I prefer his 3 over the 4... you expect the 4 to perform better than it ever could it’s been too hyped up whereas the 3 just comes out and does it’s thing wayyy past what you think it can
Sanjeev Kashyap
Sanjeev Kashyap Månad sedan
Isn't the turbo housing a Twin scroll? I know this is a 3 Rotor, but don't twin scrolls have like a wastegate for each 'Scroll' ? Maybe 2 mirrored 45mm wastegates instead of a single 60mm one would help control that Boost creep better, with the RPMs and the Capability of Flow it now has. With any turbo with an impeller larger than 67mm you'd generally run two gates. Or so I've heard.
T K Månad sedan
Fueltech is such an amazing ECU. Been using since the mid 00's before moving to U.S. Even at that time it wasn't uncommon seeing 800-1000hp 4 cylinders 2.0L vw's. With that turbo you can easily achieve even more
REAPER PLAYS Månad sedan
btw did anyone notice at 3:53 that it sounded like the r 34 skyline from fast and furious 2
Oleg Philonenco
Oleg Philonenco Månad sedan
Турбина размером с херсонский арбуз
Ron Månad sedan
need to weld that wastegate into the turbo exhaust housing
Congratulations to Valvoline for stealing and implementing other manufacturers ideas 5 years later........ this is why you are a terrible oil with no innovation and no modern car enthusiast uses you.
Junisko XD off
Junisko XD off Månad sedan
Love Fueltech
mlgfoxy455 Månad sedan
Where's the indie car!
robby gui
robby gui Månad sedan
Rob, I love you, but I think it’s time we invest in a trailer 😂 lol, even if it’s just a simple flat deck trailer, real cheap, like 3k
Michael Reed
Michael Reed Månad sedan
You should put a inverter in your rx-7 to charge your laptop so have power for your laptop on the go
Matthew Cieciura
Matthew Cieciura Månad sedan
What engine is it?
081588101 Månad sedan
59vaughn Månad sedan
I wanna drive...?,!!...😳😂
Stas Kalbas
Stas Kalbas Månad sedan
Just one more pull I promise =] Your da man Rob!
raheel saleem
raheel saleem Månad sedan
I remember we were waiting for 4 rotor to get finish and some quarter mile times and now its been more thn 6 yrs and this moron is building 3 rotor shit and not giving us the content we are waiting for so long
Wesley Rihn
Wesley Rihn Månad sedan
think this combo may need a bigger housing.
John Davey
John Davey Månad sedan
Dear Rob, please paint your fenders...
Jonas Wolf
Jonas Wolf Månad sedan
How loud is it in decibel
younnes Månad sedan
C'est vraiment la folies tu fais un big travail sur tes RX 👑🔧🛠️⚙️🧰🧯
Roy van Stiphout
Roy van Stiphout Månad sedan
Normally i don’t like rotors but this is crazy 😳
Henri Somer
Henri Somer Månad sedan
the final sacrilege would be to put this in some muscle car haha
Henri Somer
Henri Somer Månad sedan
the idea is solid, and the results are great. very cool project that deserves a lot more attention. the goal could be to see what parts give out and strengthen those with 3D printing.maybe carbon triangle pistons. that could be badass, sky is the limit
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero Månad sedan
The torque it put out is mind blowing. Wow. That is nuts.
Trav Outdoors
Trav Outdoors Månad sedan
Need a bigger wastegate to stop creep right
Loud Mike Media
Loud Mike Media Månad sedan
When u gonna get a trailer?
Trav Outdoors
Trav Outdoors Månad sedan
I wish you would drag race a 3rotor
Devon P
Devon P Månad sedan
Rob, simply put, you're a fucking mad man and I love it!
akhtar razzan
akhtar razzan Månad sedan
where u get all the money
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